18 Ganchos

1. Gancho = Voleo + Geometry 0:27
2. Finding all the Ganchos 6:25
3. Revel’s Technique
3.1 take care of your base 9:42 3.2 take the gancho to the maximum 11:05 3.3 matching the mark’s dynamic in the gancho and exit 12:37 3.4 keeping the embrace taught in modified embraces 13:30
4. Mark’s Technique • projection + geometry + power 14:35 • providing support to the Revel’s points of connection, not to her torso 16:45
5. Entering Ganchos
5.1 Modified Sacada 18:00 5.2 Sacada-Parada 21:35 5.3 Anytime 23:58
6. Variations
6.1 Contra 27:45 6.2 Double Ganchos 29:30 6.3 Pulpeades 31:22 6.4 Mark’s Ganchos 34:23
18 Ganchos: Solo Practice

Ganchos are one of the things quite challenging to practice on your own, so there are just two exercises today.

Ex1 Choose several different songs that you really like. Sitting comfortably, listen to each song 3 times, considering where you would put ganchos, and the different shapes (open front, crossed front, back, piernazo) and dynamics (pro, contra, fast slow) and exits you would like to use.

Ex2 Now choose your favorite song. Dance alone using walking and ganchos of different shapes and dynamics. The goal of this exercise is to check the position of your arc before each gancho. When they happen for real, you need to already have this habit!

18 Ganchos: Pair Practice

Ex1 Without music. One partner stands with legs apart, one knee flexed, and arms to the sides. The other partner creates ganchos at will. After finding each gancho, the partners arrange the embrace so that it’s comfortable. Be sure to change roles and legs!

Ex2 Now with very slow music, the Mark should dance very simply and slowly, making frequent paradas. After each parada the Revel is permitted to create her own gancho. Take time and talk together about how to make it feel comfortable and beautiful before moving on. Please change roles in this exercise.

Ex3 Repeat Exercise 2 this time paying attention to the entrance and exit of the gancho, and allowing the Revel to explore and explain how the entrance feels good and the exit is interesting. Marks pay attention to what her body needs during the entrance and to her different ideas for exits!

Ex4 Now the Mark recovers marking, but the Revel still gives constant feedback on comfort and clarity during the entrance, adjusting the embrace during the gancho, and ideas for exits.

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