Dear TangoForge friends,
2024 is the 10 year anniversary of the meeting of Vio y Roberto.
We have reflected about how to celebrate this and we realize that biggest possibility for delight and development is to help you, our students and friends, to meet and dance with one another. All of our students tell us “I want to dance with more people who have TangoForge training.” So here’s the chance to meet them. The celebration of our meeting is for you to meet.
We want to make the event focused and relaxed, without all the logistical distractions of being in a city. We invite you for a 3-day weekend centered at our house in Southern France. 
Because we know that when we are teaching during a weekend, we are too exhausted to also dance with students afterward, there will be no workshops. We want to have energy to play and dance with everyone! When you arrive here it will be just dancing and eating wonderful French food all day and night.
For those who do want some pedagogical input as part of your visit, there are two options: You can arrive in the days before to help us set up the dance floor and have free lessons. Or you can also stay after the weekend for lessons without working.
We want you to know that we chose this time of year because it’s the most beautiful and comfortable for Southern France. There are daffodils in the forest and blossoms on the fruit trees, it’s not too hot, there are no bugs, and clear views of the snowy Pyrénées.
We also want you to know that every time we teach, we remark on how unusual are the dancers who are attracted to TangoForge. For reasons we don’t fully understand, our students are extraordinarily gentle, open, curious, self-aware, committed, and respectful. This is why we so strongly urge you to make this your priority event for 2024. As our meeting transformed our lives and art, we will do our best to create the setting for you to get to know one another, both on the dance floor and at sumptuous tables. 

Love & Art,
Roberto y Vio 


The dance floor is 200m2 covered with big windows for fresh air and a view of the valley. We have a wood sub-floor and will be installing a smooth wood-composite dance floor formerly used in a theater. This floor accommodates pivoting in sneakers as well as protection for your most beautiful stilettos. 
Music will start at 10:00 each morning and continue until the last couple departs. We have no noise restrictions and the dance floor can stay open as long as you are on it. 
Please note this is not a neo marathon. We will offer a mix of music including sessions of traditional tango, sessions of alternative tango, and sessions with mixed music. We aim for a schedule of sessions that gives full and equal respect to dancers who prefer traditional music and alternative music. 
We invite participants to volunteer to DJ and we will also ask some DJ friends to join us remotely by creating special sessions just for this event. 

Our house accommodates 20 persons on real beds in shared rooms with shared bathrooms. We imagine solo dancers taking these rooms and we will organize the bedrooms and bathrooms by gender.

For people who want a private room and probably for the couples, we provide a selection below of nearby accommodation at different levels of luxury. We’ll be adding more locations as we find them.

If you’re having trouble finding what you want, or you need help booking in French, please just ask us for help. Use the chat button below or send an email. 

Le petit couvent

En-suite rooms in a village house in L'isle-en-Dodon, a village with commerce,

12 minutes drive from Rendez-Vous. There's also a bus.

€90 per night for 2 persons.

Bishop's Palace

Stay in a fabulous village mansion, gorgeously decorated by with a mix of antique and modern pieces and fabulous art.

This is a village without commerce, a really gorgeous 27 minute drive from Rendez-Vous. Take a romantic ancient apartment with lounge or two bedrooms sharing a bathroom.

Host speaks English and French.


Stay in a health-conscious countryside house.

15 minutes drive from Rendez-Vous.

€36 per person per night

Host speaks German, French, English.

Mailles D'en Haut

A large country house with simple rooms. 15 minutes drive from Rendez-Vous.

Prices on request.


En-suite rooms in a village house in Boulogne-sur-Gesse, a village with commerce.

15 minutes drive from Rendez-Vous. There's also a bus.

€71 per night for 2 persons, including breakfast.

Gite 31

A two bedroom, one bathroom countryside cottage with private heated pool and mountain views.

13 minutes drive from Rendez-Vous.


Domaine Cap de Coste

One-bedroom countryside cottages, with sauna, jacuzzi, private heated pool, mountain views

12 minutes drive from Rendez-Vous.

€110 per night.

Ferme de Coumodous

3 choices of rooms in a charming country house with an organic farm.

18 minutes drive from Rendez-Vous.

€70 per night

We hope that everyone will eat here, even if you’re staying somewhere else, to maximize the opportunity to get to know one another at the table as well as at the dance floor. 

Those staying in a local chambre d’hôte may find the breakfast included in the price, so you can decide to take that or tell your host that you don’t need it. 

As a gift to you, we are running this event at cost. 

We ask everyone to pay €75 for three days of food, candles, and  other collective expenses. We will provide lunch and dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast on Monday. Those who arrive early or stay late can pay an additional fee for food by the day but we’ll organize that later. 

For those who stay in the house, we ask €50 per person. If you arrive early or stay late there is no additional fee for accommodation. 

During the event, we will offer regional wine for €3/liter. 

You may gain free accommodation and food by doing some work-trade. We need help with: 

  • Kitchen assistance (we’ll give you precise tasks) 
  • Set up and clean up of tables
  • Answering questions and helping people while they are here. 
  • Arrivals and departures coordination leading up to the event.
  • Driving

The Rendez-Vous is located in countryside near the village of Montbernard, France. 

The nearest large city is Toulouse.

You may fly to Toulouse Blagnac airport (TLS). From there we will do our best to coordinate arrival and departure transportation to Chez Rendez-Vous.

You can also take a €9 shuttle to the main train station, Matabiau, and have a look at the city of Toulouse.

From train station Toulouse Matabiau you may take bus 365 for €2 directly to our road. The stop is Montbernard-La Vierge. We pick you up from there.

If you are traveling by train instead of air, please book to Boussens, where we will pick you up by car. This is much nicer for you and easier for us than pickup in Toulouse. 

How to Join

There is no entry fee for the event. Since we want to eat together, your registration for meals constitutes your registration for the event. We think we can cook for 50 people, so that will be the registration limit. 

Here you can register with various payment systems. Payment are processed by Stripe. We do not see your credit card information. If you need another payment system, just get in touch. 

After paying, you will be redirected to a page to add your details.   

You may make a donation in addition to the cost price by changing the number in the box. We will use these extra donations to make the event even more wonderful!

If you need to cancel for any reason at any point, your payment become a credit for any future events, private lessons, or digital school enrollments. 

If you would like to do work-trade, please click here

and Meals

Chez Rendez-Vous
  • Housing cost is €50 flat fee
    regardless of how long you stay
    you can arrive several days before and/or depart several days after the weekend
  • Food cost is €75 for meals from Friday dinner through Monday breakfast
  • Same-gender shared bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Better for solo dancers
  • Booking constitutes registration for the event
  • The house is now full. Only register if you have already reserved directly with us.

Rendez-Vous 2024 Accommodation Chez Rendez-Vous

Booking for


Chez Rendez-Vous
  • You organize your own accommodation nearby (check Accommodation tab above for suggestions)
  • Camping is possible. We have large tent but we do not have mattresses.
  • Includes meals Chez Rendez-Vous from Friday dinner through Monday breakfast
  • Better for Couples
  • Booking constitutes registration for the event

Rendez-Vous 2024 Food Only

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