2020 TangoForge

6-19.February Wellington NZ
7-9 February Bruges Neo Tango


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Double Down


Exercises from Maui



8-10.May 2020  Neo Tango Amsterdam Marathon

Friday Seminar + Saturday and Sunday Workshops

CANCELLED, please read the announcement

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22-24.May 2020 Gold Coast Neo Tango Rage TangoForge Friday Seminar + Saturday and Sunday workshops.


Neo Tango Rave

Bremen NeoTango Rave

3-5.July 2020

We will do a Seminar in Bremen on Friday afternoon and one workshop during the Rave. 


Seminar Registration Coming Soon



Fiskabäck, South Sweden Countryside

Fall/Winter 2020 Details forthcoming.



Athens NeoTango Marathon, 11-14.September 2020



Seminar Registration Coming Soon




Fall/Winter 2020, details forthcoming



Date and location TBA.

Meet us to study and dance. Just enter your email below for events as they are announced.




Neo Tango Bruges Marathon

7-9. February 2020

Friday Seminar on Soltadas
Saturday and Sunday Workshops on Voleos


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Workshops 8/9 and 15/16. February 2020
THEMES: elasticity, customs, consequence, interactions


15.March Vio y Roberto, Class, “Dancing with Classical music” before Mona Isabelle 10th  Silent Milonga with Chris Lion-Lloyd (Piano) at Tangoloft, Berlin

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TRYST II: Altertango Concert + Dance Floor
Thursdays March 14-April 11
In Lotus Loft at Tangoloft, Berlin

19:00-20:30 Workshop with Vio y Roberto EN/DE
21:00-24:00 Concert, Dancing



19-21.April 2019 Roma Neo Tango Marathon.  Vio y Roberto will teach and perform.



26-28.April 2019  Workshop and Performance with Tango Factory (workshop is full)

10-12.May 2019 Workshop and Performance. Workshop registration.

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3-5.May 2019 Seminar Encuentro Compañeros

Theme: “Elasticity”

Details and Registration.

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17.May, 28.June Voleos and Ganchos.  
Bremen 21-23.June 2019 Bremen NeoTangoRave. Vio y Roberto will teach.
Fiskabäck, South Sweden Countryside 5-7.July 2019 Seminar Encuentro Compañeros. Theme: “Customs, Conventions and Patterns” Details and Registration.
Berlin 18-20.October Seminar Encuentro Compañeros NOTE DATE CHANGE: Now 18-20.October, simultaneous with Mona Isabelle’s Tangoloft Festivalito “Farbenspiele des Tangos” the Berlin débüt of Tanguerilla Visual Poetry (visual tech and art founder of the Bremen NeoTango Rave). The DJ lineup will include DJ Elio Astor! Seminar will be held in Lotus Loft at Tangoloft, Berlin Theme: “Interactions” Details and Registration.


16-18.March TangoForge Halland, Sweden. Workshops and Performance. Photos and Videos

2-3.June “Creation Castle” organized by WilderGarten at the Wiesenburg, Wiesenstraße 55, Wedding Berlin. Interactive Arts and Music Festival with Altertango dance floor during the concerts and performances by TangoForge.

15-18.June Néo Tango Amsterdam, organized by Toulouse Neotango. 32 hours dancing until 05:00 in the Théâtre De Omval with Bar & Buffet. Artists: Anna Neum • Sara D‘Ajello • Iwan Harlan • Vio / TangoForge • Raffaela Tempesta • Andreas Lange.

27-29.July: Sverige IV, Halland with pianist Gaelyn Hutchinson.

3.August: Red Milonga, performance Gökhan y Vio

Neo Tango Rave Bremen 17-19.August.

20-28.August: III Annual Seminar Compañeros TangoForge, BallSall, Tangoloft and Lotus Loft, Berlin. Altertango events with Hannes Daerr, Cristóbal Rey, Isabella Santos, Ibon Goitia, Alan Nguyen.

20 August, Vio y Jessica, performance on Candle Floor, Milonga Popular.

Thursdays 25.Okt-29.Nov

TRYST: 6 rare and sacred Altertango sessions with live improvising musicians. Workshop with Vio y Roberto.

25.Okt: Cristóbal y Danilo: Piano, Guitar, Voice
1.Nov: Ned y Michele: Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Voice //
8.Nov: Abisko Duo: Dirk Flateau y Hannes Daerr: Piano, Bass Clarinet //
15.Nov: Carlos Libedinsky y Gábor Hartyáni y Ibon Goitia: Bandoneon, Cello, Saxophone // //
22.Nov: Santiago Vasquez system of improvisation with hand signs, conducted by Carlos Libedinsky, with Antoine Gallix, Alan Nguyen, john Hussay, Gábor Hartyáni, and Cristobal Rey.
29.Nov: Wilder Garten with Alan Nguyen


17 January, 2017-1 November 2017 Studio TangoForge-Berlin

13-15.May: TangoForge Sverige I in Malmö.

13-14.July Hamburg: El Bajo Summer Programm, Hamburg

11-13.August 2017 Neo Tango Rave Bremen

Crew TangoForge is thrilled to have the chance to dance, rave, and revel at the 2017 NeoTangoRave, 11-13 August, Bremen and honored to be teaching our “Beyond Control” Workshop there.
Unfortunately it’s booked full full full already. If you want to take the Beyond Control Workshop, it’s online… Details

22-27.August Contemporary Tango Festival, Berlin Hauptbahnhof.
24.August 2017: TangoForge + DJ/Saxman Michael Rühl + Carlos Libedinsky: “The Tradition is Transgressive“. The event in facebook.

28.August-3.September Seminar Encuentro Compañeros TangoForge II 

9/10.September: Germain Cascales y Vio Tanzshow with Carlos Libedinsky Live in Tangoloft-Berlin.

12.October: Silent Milonga with Carlos Libedinsky: Class “Trusting tango, trusting the music… TangoForge secrets for improvisation…”. Class before the silent milonga with Carlos Libedinsky. Tangoloft-Berlin. 

13.-15.October: Sverige II

3.November, Vio y Roberto dancing to Javier Tucat Moreno at the Ballhaus Goldfisch, Greifswald.

1.December, Vio y Roberto and Crew TangoForge dancing for the first time on Abisko Lights, Wabe Berlin.

Friday 15.December, Greifswald
18:30 TangoForge workshop thema “Eine Welt voller Möglichkeiten dem Tanzgenuss Ausdruck zu verleihen”
20:00 Roberto’s Feuerzangen-Milonga
Ballhaus Goldfisch, Bahnhofstraße 44

Saturday 16.December
Schloss Kummerow (von HGW 1h + von NB 1h -)
zur Livemusikmilonga mit Showtanz und Workshop. //
Ab 19 Uhr gibt es einen 1.Teil Tangokonzert mit den „Freunden des vollen Mondes“, die Karten kosten 30€ und sind schon fast ausverkauft.
Im 2. Teil haben Tangotänzer ab 20.15 Uhr freien Eintritt zur Livemusikmilonga und einem Workshop mit unseren geschätzten Kollegen Vio & Roberto

Tuesday 19.December, Dessau
18:30 TangoForge workshop thema “Eine Welt voller Möglichkeiten dem Tanzgenuss Ausdruck zu verleihen”
20:00 Roberto’s Feuerzangen-Milonga
Tanzschule Günther, Bahnhofstraße 44
Raguhner Straße 20 06842 Dessau-Roßlau


January 15-18: London Workshops

January 28-31: Rome:  Friday 29 January Neolonga DJ Elio Astor and showtanz, Saturday 30 January @Neolonga with  Via Cupa, 5. Sunday 31 January @TangoBar Via Macerata, 8 H

13-14.February: Berlin-Tangoloft: Special classes about sweet and surprising ways to connect to your partner.

18.February – 24.March: TangoForge in Tangoloft:  Impro: Thursdays 19:00-20:30

6.March: Bremen: 14:00 – 17:00 Colgada Workshop, 19:00…  After-Neolonga

10-13 March: Amsterdam Workshops

25-28 March: Rome NeoTango Marathon

31.Marz-5.Mai: TangoForge im Tangoloft: Biomechanik – Körperkonzepte, die Geschmeidigkeit hervorbringen. Donnerstags 19:00-20:30

19. Mai bis 23. Juni:TangoForge im Tangoloft:  Improvisation – Spielkonzepte, die dein Selbst ausdrücken

3.June Mona Isabelle Milonga at a former Women´s Prison. Practica und Showtanz Vio y Frauke. Practica von 20 – 21 Uhr, Milonga ab 21 Uhr, Adresse: Söhtstrasse 7 12205 Berl Anfahrt S1 Lichterfelde West M11

25.June Bremen Tango Rave: Workshop on Soltadas

8 July: Mona Isabelle Silent Milonga with Bach´s Goldberg Variations. Leonie Rettig plays live the Goldberg Variations for a silent milonga at Tangoloft. Vio and Max will teach a practica at 19:30 specifically about ideas for dancing on this music.

24-26.June: Bremen NeotangoRave

30. Juni bis 4. August:TangoForge in Tangoloft: Biomechanik – Körperkonzepte, die Geschmeidigkeit hervorbringen

Sonntag, 7.August 13:00-15:00.TangoForge im Potsdam at the Lottenhof. Thema: “Sacadas und zwei Methoden in Ganchos zu transformieren “

22-28.August: Seminar Encuentro Compañeros TangoForge in School Tangoloft

26. August: “A Bold Journey to Self-Creation“: Contemporary Tango Festival, Berlin Hauptbahnhof

1. Sept bis 27. Okt: TangoForge in Tangoloft 19:00-20:00 BIOMECHANIK – Körperkonzepte, die Geschmeidigkeit hervorbringen, 20:00-21:30 IMPROVISATION – Spielkonzepte, die dein Selbst ausdrücken

7.September Guest Artists at Intimacy Tango at KitKat: Vio y Roberto Extreme Tango Improv with DJ Mona Isabelle at Tango Kollektiv Intimacy Milonga at Club KitKat

22.September:  Mona Isabelle Silent Milonga with live performance of Chopin piano music, in the beautiful Tangoloft. Practica beforehand with Vio y Roberto.

2.Nov “Dancing beyond Control” Workshop at Intimacy Milonga in KitKat Club 20:00.

3/10/17.Nov: Tangoforge in Tangoloft: Thema Alteraciónes 19:00-20:00 BIOMECHANIK – Körperkonzepte, die Geschmeidigkeit hervorbringen 20:00-21:30 IMPROVISATION – Spielkonzepte, die dein Selbst ausdrücken

5.Nov Private party, class and demo, Neustrelitz.

18.Nov How to dance Argentine Tango on classical music, 19:00-20:30 in preparation for Silent Milonga with Live Piano performance of classical music for dancing

3/10 Dec: Best of TangoForge 2016. 14:00 Biomechanik. 15:00 Impro 1, 16:30 Impro 2, at Tangoloft.


Friday January 9-Sunday January 11, 2015: Anatomy Tour Berlin.  KulturSchöpfer, Grünberger Straße 13 Sonntag 18. Januar: Bröt und Tango: wie wir Vertikale Kreise zum Laden, fliegen Schritt Volcadas, colgadas und lineare Voleos… Sonntag 1. Februar: Bröt und Tango: Improvisation auf der Basis von Doppelgiro mit Karel Bredenhorst: Cello + Loop Samstag 15 Februar: Bröt und Tango: Geschmeidige Sacadas & wie wir ihre Energie für die abschließende Party nutzen 6-8.March, 13-15.March: The Anatomy Tour Boston, 10.March class before the Harvard Square Milonga, hosted Alla Lakov. 21.-22. März Anfänger Workshop und Showtanz beim 2. Tangofrühling in Greifswald Sonntag 29 März: Bröt und Tango: Con und Contra 25./26. April Dynamischer Tango – Wochenend-Workshop, London 9./10. Mai Intensiv-Wochenende, Berlin 18.July: Film “Tango Trouble” with Tangoorchester “Freunde des vollen Mondes”, Greifswald Werfttango. Saturday 8 August,  1600-1800. The “Third Room” experimentation with Karel Bredenhorst, co-hosted Vio and Andreas Rochholl September 25-October 29: TangoForge in Tangoloft: The first workshop

26. September im Schloss Bauer 19.30 Uhr Konzert mit BelTango aus Greifswald A. Fischer (Klarinette) H. Silvennoien (Cello), Karen Salewski (Akkordeon) Die deutsch-finnische Band spielt rein instrumentalen Tango. Ab 18.30 Praktische Einführung in den Tango mit dem Tanzpaar Roberto & Violeta aus Berlin/Greifswald Sie zeigen einen Showtanz und legen Tango-Musik zum Tanzen auf. Lindenallee 12, 17440 Zemitz, OT Bauer.

30.Okt-1.Nov 2015: Vio y German Cascales, first performances, with DJ Elio Astor. 30.Okt: workshop “Dancing with the Furniture” 1.Nov: workshop “Acceleration and Slow Motion” Nov.8/15/22, Dec.13: Tuesdays 19:00-20:30 at Jewel Lab, Colombian Hotel December 2-8: Wellington NZ. 7.Dec at Queer Tango Wellington Practica, 6 Roxburgh Street, showtanz Vio y Hiroe


Friday October 17-Monday October 20: Anatomy Tour Wellington NZ. BodyLab, 43 Hania St, Mt Victoria Wellington 6011. Monday night open class and practica at Queer Tango Wellington, Crossways Community Center, 6 Roxburgh St. Mt. Victoria

Sundays September 28, October 5, November 2: Anatomy Tour Sydney. Colombian Hotel, 117 Oxford at Crown

Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014: Bröt und Tango, Berlin:  das Universum der Soltadas

Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014: Bröt und Tango, Berlin:  das System der Ganchos des Maestro El Pulpo


October, 2010 Demonstration at Asia-Pacific Outgames, Wellington, with Lala

2010 Classes and performances in Wellington with Sanjay Pancha

24-27.June 2010 New Zealand Tango Festival, with Sebastián Arrúa

2009  Founded Queer Tango Wellington

2008 Founded Queer Tango Boston

Tour Dates Email List

Meet us to study and dance. Just enter your email below for events as they are announced.

Tour Dates Email List

Meet us to study and dance. Just enter your email below for events as they are announced.

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