Thursdays 25.Okt-29.Nov

TRYST: 6 rare and sacred Altertango sessions with live improvising musicians.

21:30-24:00 in Lotus Loft, Gerichstraße 23 Aufgang 4.

Workshop with Vio y Roberto 19:30-21:00. Register/Anmeldung.


25.Okt: Cristóbal y Danilo: Piano, Guitar, Voice

1.Nov: Ned y Michele: Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Voice

8.Nov: Abisko Duo: Dirk Flateau y Hannes Daerr: Piano, Bass Clarinet

15.Nov: Carlos Libedinsky y Gábor Hartyáni y Ibon Goitia: Bandoneon, Cello, Saxophone

22.Nov: Santiago Vasquez system of improvisation with hand signs, conducted by Carlos Libedinsky, with Antoine Gallix, Alan Nguyen, john Hussay, Gábor Hartyáni, and Cristobal Rey.

29.Nov: Wilder Garten with Alan Nguyen



19.21.April 2019 Roma Neo Tango Marathon
Annual Seminar

We held annual seminars in August in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2019 we are replacing the annual seminar with four long weekends in nice cities where we can enjoy great food and go dancing together. We’ll announce the dates and details on 20.December 2018. Join the email list for immediate notification.

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