EXPERIMENT from Technique to Art
with Pablo Tamburini 

19.November 2023
14:00-17:30: All about Barrida

We will explore the technique and improvisation of the classic tango element, Barrida.

Pablo Tamburini est danseur, professeur de danse et acteur. Sa formation et sa soif d’apprendre l’ont amené à étudier la danse folklorique, la danse contemporaine, le théâtre, la danse moderne, partenaire contemporaine et la danse de théâtre. Il s’est produit dans des milongas, des scènes et des espaces non conventionnels dans plusieurs pays. 

Registration +33 0638042863
Le Cri Du Coeur, 14 bd de La Gare, 31200. Toulouse.
Instruction: Français, English, Castellano. 

Intensive Privates in the countryside of Southern France


Through intensive privates we discover your personal trajectory as a dancer and we create a plan and exercises to achieve your technical and artistic goals. You’ll go home with a training agenda for your next 6-9 months.

Focus on your development without the distractions of workshops, milongas, and transportation


  • Take one or two privates each day with Vio and/or Roberto. €75/hour.
  • Choose any number of days
  • Daily practica with other students and demo by Vio y Roberto
  • Daily fitness classes with Vio et Daniel with yoga for all levels and strength exercises customized for tango dancers.
  • Work remotely and enjoy the tranquil countryside.
  • Private and shared rooms in our big Villa at flat fees: from 2-5 nights = €50, 6-10 nights = €100, €11-14 nights = €150.
  • You don’t need a car while here. Fly to Toulouse Blagnac or take the train to Toulouse Matabiau and then take bus #365 to Montbernard-La Vierge, where we will pick you up. 
  • We’ll take you to wonderful local farmers markets, and you can cook for yourself in our big kitchen. 

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