TRYST II: Altertango Concert + Dance Floor
Thursdays March 14-April 11
In Lotus Loft at Tangoloft, Berlin

19:00-20:30 Workshop with Vio y Roberto EN/DE
21:00-24:00 Concert, Dancing


14.3: Gábor Hartyáni
21.3: Abisko Duo
28.3: Alan Nguyen, violin+loop

4.4: Carlos Libedinsky
with Ibon Goitia (saxophone), Simon Houghton and
 Gábor Hartyáni (cellos)

4.11: HandSigns Band
conducted by Carlos Libedinsky


14.3: Elasticities
21.3: Consequences
28.3: Interactions
4.4: Customs
4.11: Pro/Contra

More Detail
Vio y Roberto, Class, “Dancing with Classical music”
before Mona Isabelle 10th anniversary
Silent Milonga with Chris Lion-Lloyd (Piano) at Tangoloft
Chris wird in 3 Sets Tango tanzbare Stücke von Chopin, Mozart, Brahms & Schubert spielen 🙂

Seminar Encuentro Compañeros 1-3.November. in Lotus Loft at Tangoloft, Berlin

Theme: “Interactions”

Details and Registration.



19-21.April 2019 Roma Neo Tango Marathon.  Vio y Roberto will teach and perform.


26-28.April 2019  Workshop and Performance with Tango Factory (workshop is full)

10-12.May 2019 Workshop and Performance. Workshop registration.


3-5.May 2019 Seminar Encuentro Compañeros

Theme: “Elasticity”

Details and Registration.


21-23.June 2019 Bremen NeoTangoRave. Vio y Roberto will teach.

Fiskabäck, South Sweden Countryside

5-7.July 2019 Seminar Encuentro Compañeros.

Theme: “Customs, Conventions and Patterns”
Details and Registration


7-9.September 2019 Seminar Encuentro Compañeros in Conjunction with Athens NeoTango Marathon.

Theme: “Consequence”

Details and Registration.

Annual Seminar/s
In 2019 we are replacing the annual seminar with four long weekends in Bologna, Athens, the Swedish Countryside, and Berlin. We’ll can enjoy great food, study, and go dancing together.

3-5.May Bologna 5-7.July South Sweden Countryside 7-9.September Athens 1-3.November Berlin

Details and Registration.

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