Monday 18.July 2022 . Berlin

Interdisciplinary laboratory for artists and professionals interested in exploring and reflecting on the zones between combat and dance.

Participants include: martial artists, stuntmen, contemporary dancers, Argentine Tango dancers, firewalkers, non-violent communication teachers. musicians…

Themes we will explore in the laboratory:

  • violent movement: what dance can can learn from combat performance techniques and how musicians understand violent sounds
  • arts of consequence: the grammar and collaboration of cause and effect
  • physical training for movement dynamics: how we train our bodies for sensation and images of explosivity, fluidity, slow motion, dissociation, floating, etc.
  • beyond melodrama: artistic and pedagogic experiences and expressions of conflict

The laboratory will be structured by Vio of TangoForge, an experienced facilitator and Argentine Tango dancer, and Daniel Adrenaline, a stuntman, Wing Chung fighter, and one of the founders of Parkour.

The laboratory will take place on Monday 18.July 2022 at FirstPunch Studio in Berlin from 11:00-17:00

To indicate your interest in please contact

If you are interested in Argentine Tango classes with Vio or Parkour workshops with Daniel while we are in Berlin in July, just send an email.

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