Tango is a way to make something beautiful with someone you don't know yet.


You have to have good rhythm to dance.


Tango has no set relationship with the music. That means you can dance as YOU hear it.

and you are allowed to dance very, very slowly.


It's always danced on that boring music from the 1940s.


Argentine Tango is a technique for partner dancing. It can be used with any music you love.


Tango is for Young, skinny people.


Average age: 50.

And you don't have to wear a suit, hat, or high heels


Some people just can't dance ...
Two Left Feet


The men who learn fastest are engineers and martial artists.

The women who learn fastest are yogis.

It's easier if you do not have previous dance experience.
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Some things to know about tango:

  • It’s not necessary to have a regular partner.
  • It’s not necessary to wear high heels or dress up. (But you can if you want to.)
  • It’s not necessary to have a good “sense for rhythm”. Tango is open to each dancer’s own musical interpretation and you are allowed to dance very, very slowly.
  • It’s not necessary to be young, skinny, in good shape, and beautiful. It’s not usually portrayed in advertising, but the reality is that more than half of the people dancing tango globally are over 50 and do not have any prior dance experience or fitness regime. Tango appeals to professionals and intellectuals who feel the need for something social and physically expressive, and to people from many different backgrounds who just do not like small talk.
  • Tango is a safe environment in which the context of connection is highly structured: nonconsensual touch is forbidden, and people part respectfully and sweetly after about 15 minutes of dancing.
  • Tango is an excellent clean and sober activity which requires so much concentration you might not even notice that alcohol is often for sale at tango events. Most dancers feel tango is better without alcohol, and drink very little if any.
  • There is a Rainbow Queer Tango Scene in most major cities in which the heteronormative tango roles and images are completely ignored.

But tango is not for everyone. It’s not a dance that you can just show up and do occasionally, “for fun”. It’s a serious hobby, more like rock climbing than like salsa. At first when you start to learn Argentine Tango it’s very hard, then it becomes interesting and exciting. It takes some patience and commitment before you can start to appreciate where that hard work is going.

People who do have an athletic or dance background are usually surprised at how challenging tango is. Tango uses a fascinating mix of relaxation and strength, which even professional ballerinas and contemporary dancers find challenging. Experienced ballroom dancers need to adjust to tango’s naturalistic aesthetic. MuscleMen and Crossfit types have to learn to use their muscles very subtly, which is a whole new kind of control.

You might be surprised at who tends to learn Argentine Tango fastest:

  • Geeks (engineers and programmers) who are very analytic, and do not have a lot of athletic movement habits in their bodies.
  • Yogis who have learned to work with a lot of physical paradoxes and who love and trust their bodies.
  • Martial artists who realize that our physical power comes from legs and earth.
  • Pilates practitioners who appreciate fine control of muscles.

Are you ready to start dancing Argentine Tango?

Of course there are courses in almost every town where you can meet other beginners. In case you are a bit shy and you’d like to start training and learning first at home, we have a beginner’s package. It includes 10 practice sessions, a book to get you excited (print or e-book), and a home page here at TangoForge with all of our resources for new dancers as well as a forum to ask questions. The practice course is also useful in case you get very busy or need to travel for work and can’t make it to class. It will give you a way to continue improving steadily with or without group classes.


Begin Tango Package

Dancing tango is a path to touch your raw creativity. It’s an invitation to show your bright soul, and to dare to be absolutely fully present in real time action. Tango is playtime where you get to show your sass, your elegance, your very personal sense of sexy. It’s a social space where you can graciously receive others’ desire for you. You can learn Argentine Tango at any time in your life.

Many people who’ve started dancing tango “just to meet people” have found themselves a few months later with a lot of new friends, a lot of delight, and a passion.
learn Argentine TangoTango is a new way to experience yourself, and other people. Connection is a physical experience of being one creature with another person. You are forced into Flow in a way that displaces all distractions and stress. You work with your mind, body, and heart all at once so you feel unusually whole and fully present. And you experience the thrill of total mutual concentration with another person. You are not alone, you are in it together, you understand something in the same way, and you are committed to collaboration.

It’s sort of like being inside a poem together, trying to figure it out together, and then sharing intense moments of recognition and beauty.

You experience all this with some friends who you meet often, and also with strangers, with whom you can “connect” without any small talk. With some people you’ll experience sensuality, with others exhilarating athleticism. Each connection is different. You’ll dance in different kinds of spaces, which bring out different moods in you and the other dancers. And you’ll dance to different kinds of music, which link to different emotions and memories. Some people find “healing” in this experience. As a tango dancer you’ll have the chance to meet local people and have nice experiences wherever you travel in the world.

It’s all pretty hard to imagine if you haven’t experienced it yet – but that’s the case with descriptions of most things you haven’t experienced, isn’t it?

If you want to give tango a try, of course you’ll want to go to a class and meet other beginners, but you might want to build some knowledge and confidence first at home at home. You can starting learning Argentine Tango alone or with a friend..

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