Geeks make good dancers

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Geeks tend to believe that they can’t dance. They’re dead wrong. The geeks I’ve trained have big advantages and learn tango much faster than other students.

How to be a Good Man, as you become an Advanced Tanguero


Congratulations! After years of hard work, you are now mastering this dance! You can make girls feel really good and happy.  Girls are starting to look for you, snuggle you, hang around you. This feels great! You’re a nice guy; you are not planning to use your newfound advantage to become a womanizer, but you […]

Expressing masculinity in tango

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Tango is a chance to embody masculinity in a satisfying way, and in a way that fulfils women’s desire for certain romantic gender relations. We don’t want you to boss us around, but we do want to be admired and desired, to feel your masculine attention.

Do you kinda wish you could dance?

Girls love to dance! Learn tango

You know that girls love to dance, and they especially like partner dancing, because it’s “romantic”. For guys, it feels undignified, and sometimes it seems like everybody else hears the music differently than you do. What if you could make women swoon while more or less just walking around, slowly, listening to whatever part of […]

Are you an engineer?

Engineers are good at Argentine Tango

If you’re a computer programmer, an IT guy, or any kind of engineer, it’s likely you will excel at tango. … even if you have never been any good at any other kind of dance. ….even if your friends have laughed at you and said “you have no rhythm” ….even if you went to salsa […]

How tango enhances masculinity

How tango enhances masculinity

Tango has allowed me to be very close to hundreds of men. To feel their mojo working, or not. It’s much more pleasurable to dance with a man whose mojo is working, so I’ve tried to figure out what it is that works, so I can teach my students. Here’s the shortest possible version: Tenderness […]

Shhh! A secret for men!

Tango's secret for men

Men who don’t turn heads on the street are hot stuff in the tango world, and will have a large selection of women to choose from if they want to date or find a girlfriend.