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Privates Retreat

Several times a year, we offer 10 days of residential privates in our Villa in the South of France. 

Students take one or two privates per day, and practice with the other students. We have yoga in the morning, a swimming pool, and lots of space for solitude and reflection.

Unlike a festival or workshop, students are not overwhelmed with activities and information so you can focus on exactly the information they need for their next developments, with time to practice. 

What is a Private Lesson?

A private lesson is all of our superlative pedagogy focused on your personal goals, needs, preferences, and body. 

Most dancers have a few  physical, social, or psychological challenges on the way to mastering Argentine Tango. 

And every person brings unique qualities and perspectives to making this art form your own. In private lessons we focus our experience to understand and support your challenges and talents.

While group classes are fun and social, private lessons are faster, better, and cheaper.

• FASTER because with our close attention, you will not spend time doing things wrong, working at the pace of fellow students, wondering if something is your fault or your partner’s, and unlearning bad habits.

• BETTER because the instruction is customized to your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, not the topic of the week

• CHEAPER because you are investing in more intensive instruction.

Who should take private lessons?

For beginners, private lessons ensure that you learn quickly and accurately.

For more advanced dancers, private lessons are the best way to focus on your personal needs and developmental goals.

Berlin, Toulouse, and Online

Roberto teaches in Berlin and North Germany by appointment. Vio lives in South France and teaches private lessons in Toulouse and surrounding areas by appointment.

Vio also gives online private lessons to resolve problems for dance couples and to advise on training plans and priorities. 

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