“One of the best –maybe the best– tango teachers I’ve ever met….lessons are the most concise, complete, detailed way of describing tango I have ever seen.” –Martin (who came to the workshop because he needed an excuse to hang out with a Berlin dancer he fell in love with the previous weekend…)

The Anatomy Tour

shows you HOW to use your body to create perfect balance, sublime connection, controlled dynamic variation, and sweet power transfer.
  • Anatomically precise, objective instructions are straightforward to implement.
  • Biomechanical clarity enables you to fix problems in advanced movements.
  • Understanding the universe of variations enables you to see the improvisational possibilities.

The Anatomy Tour is also:
INTIMATE … maximum 20 students, INTENSIVE … 10 hours, GOURMET … handmade slow food.

Wellington … Sydney … Berlin … Boston

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Why is TangoForge pedagogy different?

Commendations from students

“I tell everyone that you give clear instructions on how to make movements happen the way we want and how to help our bodies achieve that movement. It really helps to understand why a certain muscle or position can make things easier. My dancing has gone up another notch and I love it!” Susan Callen

“Vio’s Anatomy Tour is a very natural, clever and practical way to improve one’s tango skills or learn from scratch. Her original approach help one connect with one’s own body, direct the power and interact with one’s dancing partner in the most fluent way…one gets surprised how those beautiful moves which seemed so complicated can be performed easy and naturally. Regardless of the level of dancing, one could enrich the understanding of tango through the anatomical approach…” Irina Nearonova

“After following your workshop, other classes will seem boring because you reach a level of precision, accuracy and usability that is kind of rare in tango teaching. (And you are funny, sometimes.)” – Berlin student

So organized!

Vio has such a clear understanding of what she wants to convey. She was committed to taking us through this whole system, and she did. There was not one wasted moment.

The workshop shows you how you can be creative. We explored in a comprehensive manner all the possibilities of a single movement, to consider all the creative opportunities. You don’t have to trundle around the dance floor with three steps and pretend you’re having a great time.

For months, I’ve been trying to emulate a certain dancer, and i couldn’t figure out how, but with what you taught today, I felt like him.

I got interesting insights into what’s been blocking me.

After 12 years of very technical study, from Vio I’ve learned the physiological basis of all that technique — what my body is doing and why.

‘Connect, feel the music’ — it’s not enough. It’s your body. She provides the anatomical specificity: this muscle does this thing. Then you can dance to the music.

I had not met Vio before this weekend. I feel I’ve stumbled into a gold mine.

Amazing resource in Vio: I got a deeper understanding of everything from my embrace to the cross, to voleos and ganchos that I’m not too experienced with.

A whole new level of being connected and responsive.







Details about the Workshop

The first section defines the biomechanics of sublime connection and clear communication. This method was developed from study of one of the best-connected dancers I have ever danced with, and has been tested on my students until they can create these same sensations. The second section of the course identifies the biomechanics by which we maximize the projection (how to make her leg fly) … The third section defines the biomechanics of motion through a step, showing exactly how we use our bodies to control the dynamic of the step for acceleration, deceleration, elasticity, and change of direction.

This intimate workshop will include shared meals. All students of The Anatomy Tour will receive written notes on the workshop and a one-month pass to the TangoForge KnowledgeBase, the first encyclopedia of tango technique.

More about TangoForge pedagogy and ethics.


IMAG2787Friday January 9-Sunday January 11, 2015.
Friday we gather for dinner and an introduction to the course at in the workshop space at 19:00, then we go dancing together.
Saturday and Sunday workshops 11:30-18:00, with Lunches included. Dinner on your own and then we meet at a milonga.

Events at KulturSchöpfer, Grünberger Straße 13 (U5 Frankfurter Torr, M10 Grünberger Straße, also trams 21 and M13 stop very close)

We have precise translations to German of all the most important conceptual terms. Additional translation to German will be available as needed.


anatomy_day1Sundays September 28, October 5, November 2.
Each Sunday 1:00-2:30 and 15:00-16:30. Afternoon tea included.
Colombian Hotel, 117 Oxford at Crown


wpid-imag1834.jpgFriday October 17-Monday October 20
Friday 19:30-21:30,  Saturday and Sunday 12:00-14:00 and 16:00-18:00. Lunches included.
BodyLab, 43 Hania St, Mt Victoria Wellington 6011
Monday night open class and practica included at Queer Tango Wellington, Crossways Community Center, 6 Roxburgh St. Mt. Victoria