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2018 Seminar Encuentro Compañeros

August is no holiday for TangoForge, and the marathon of teaching, performing, and partying at Europe’s special neotango events started in July. We joined ToulouseNeoTango for their fabulous first event in Amsterdam. Then at TangoForge Sverige IV in Halland we launched 3 new workshop themes: Real Music, Bad Surfaces, and Action Heros. On 17 August, we began 10 days of dancing and teaching at the spectacular NeoTangoRave Bremen XII, going directly from the dance floor there to our classroom in Berlin. The Seminar took place in beautiful rooms at the Ballsaal, Tangoloft, and the Tangoloft Lotus Loft with 27 students from 12 countries. In addition to dancing afternoons and evenings at the Contemporary Tango Festival in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, we had our own Altertango Experiment Stations with 10 musicians participating during the week.

Workshop themes:

Monday 20.August A world of expression in every step …The transfer of weight, shape, and dynamic.

Tuesday 21.August: Balance is Collaborative …Supporting your partner on and off “axis”

Wednesday 22.August: Piernazo and Castigada … Perfect technique for tango’s most dramatic movement

Thursday 23.August: Deeper Understanding Pro and Contra

Saturdey 25.August: Tango Dressage …Precision with steps and changes of foot

Sunday 26.August: Trusting Tango …Our signature class: the essence of Argentine Tango and expressiveness.



Teachers: Vio, Roberto, Jessica

Staff: Gabriella

Photography: Pez

Contemporary Tango Festival: Andreas Roccholl

Altertango Musicians




Videos from our performances and demos…

Gökhan y Vio, Red Milonga 3.August

Vio y Jessica, Candle Floor of Milonga Popular, 20.August


Vio y Jessica with Alan Nguyen of Wilder Bonsai at LotusLoft 25.August

Vio y Roberto with Alan Nguyen of Wilder Bonsai at LotusLoft 25.August

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