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school loft forge seminar 2016

We were thrilled to be part of the Contemporary Tango Festival at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof from 23-28 August, 2016. TangoForge created the artistic vision for the evening of Friday, 26 August: “A Bold Journey to Self-Creation“.

In conjunction with the festival we launched our First Annual Seminar Encuentro Compañeros TangoForge from Monday 22 August, as part of the prototype of School Tangoloft.

The teachers were Vio, Roberto L’Ange, Germain Cascales, and Max Thomas. The apprentices were Maren Hester, Stefan Brenner, Yoko Onodera. Yoko and Chiara Fersini taugh our daily Pilates for Tango class and provided choreographic consultation. We sat together for lunch every day by Chef Phil Bacnotan. Jaina Hirai provided therapeutic massage on site and concierge service to the students. CJ Yetman solved every technical problem, and Anna Kennedy saved us by cleaning up.

Seminar Topics

Monday: Vectors versus circles

  • projection & pivot technology
  • improvisation in lines and circles
  • crosses versus ochos, linear v. circular voleos

Tuesday: With v. contra

  • joints and muscles in a changing embrace
  • co-contraction in with voleos and ganchos
  • contra voleos, rebote cadera, and ganchos

Wednesday: Creating contrast

  • small steps
  • speeding up and slowing down
  • creating contrast in the music

Thursday: Technologies for leaning into volcadas and colgadas

  • the change of embrace permission for leaning
  • tiny leaning moves
  • huge ones

Saturday: Dancing Argentine Tango on Dubstep

Sunday: Dancing past control and recovering when you lose it

For Students:

The notes.

The workshop demo videos.

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 19 March 2016