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You are warmly welcome to the Second Annual TangoForge Seminar Encuentro Compañeros in Berlin from 25 August – 3 September, 2017.

We will gather for a 10 day period with six days of seminar, 28.Aug-2.Sept and two weekends of dancing. 25-28 August are the last three nights of the Contemporary Tango Festival, with live music every night in the Hauptbahnhof (free and no registration required).

TangoForge Seminar Program

Friday25.August-Sunday 27.August: Play with us at the Contemporary Tango Festival

Monday 28.August: The two hardest moves in tango: Change of foot and ochos, intensive for perfect technique in close and open embrace.

Tuesday 29.August: Trusting Tango: Understanding tango pathways and change of embrace.

Wednesday 30.August: Sacadas Everywhere! Intensive on sacadas, including back sacadas, in the line of dance and in close and open embrace.

Thursday 31.August: Sweet Ganchos and how to find all 76 of them, in the line of dance, [mostly] in close embrace

Friday 1.September: Maximizing Pleasure: Extending projection to voleos and leaning movements (volcada colgada)

Saturday 2.September: TBA based on our ongoing research in the coming months.

Sunday 3.September: Farewell dances at the outdoor Monbijoux Park Milonga


Three TangoForge Apprentices have been training all year and they are now confident and experienced teachers to assist you: Stefan, Yoko, and Maren-Swan.

This year every student will receive a 30 minute private lesson with Vio and a one hour private practice with one of the TangoForge Apprentices.

We will focus entirely on TangoForge technique.

We have only one Seminar theme each day, but with more time to explore it + Biomechanics as before + 2 Practicas per day.

Clusters, so students change partners with others of comparable level.

Longer breaks – with really delicious protein shakes this time.

Vio will teach the Biomechanics class.

Daily yoga!

Our new location is in Mitte. You can walk everywhere, so you may not even need to buy a transit ticket!

  • Walking distance from 5 milongas: Clärchens Spiegelsaal, Pfefferburg, El Ocaso, Nou Tango, and the beautiful outdoor Monbijoux Park.
  • Two stops on the S-bahn and latenight Sunday direct nightbus from Tangoloft (or a 40 minute walk.)
  • There’s a bus running from the doorstep direct to Hauptbahnof AND all all-night Tram to a stop 5 minutes walk from the Studio.
  • We will have a dormitory for cheap sleeping. (Details below.
  • There’s a full kitchen for your use and we are surrounded with great restaurants, bakeries, biodelis, farmers markets… so we will not be distracted by preparing your lunch/table. (We’ll create a map & guide for foraging.)
  • Walking distance from Museum Island, the Museum of the Wall, Kulturbrauerei (Museum of East German daily life), and the Mauerpark.

Private room for sessions with Jaina Hirai Healing Massage.

This year we will not be preparing a performance during the week of the TangoForge Seminar!

This year’s Seminar will be fewer students than last year, maximum enrollment is 26.

All classes will be translated to Deutsch. Japanese and Castellano translation is also available. If you need Italiano or Français, please let us know in advance.

Daily Schedule


11:00-12:00 Yoga & Privates

12:30-14:00 Biomechanics

14:00-15:30 Lunch Break Practica

15:30-18:00 Seminar with 30 minute Break

18:00-19:30 Practica a la Tarde & Private Lessons

Private lessons will also be booked on the weekend prior to the seminar and the Sunday concluding the seminar.

Dormitory/Sleeping details

My dream for the first TangoForge European seminar in 2015 was to rent a flat so students could sleep, eat, and practice together. This year my dream comes true!

We will be able to accommodate 10 students sleeping in the Studio rooms, 6 on real mattresses, one on an air/camping mattress, and another 3 on the floor. We have one room which will be private and is available for a party of two. Sleeping space will be allocated in order of registration.

Please note:

  • We do not have an electronic entry system, so keys and access, which will require good communication among the stayers and means that the doorbuzzer will be ringing throughout the night.
  • We have 1.5 bathrooms and an “on-demand” constant hot water heater, so everyone can take a shower sequentially and we will never run out of hot water.
  • We will be sleeping in the studio space, so this means that beds and personal items will need to be cleared by 11:00 every morning. We recommend packing in a roomy large zipper duffel bag to make sure you can collect all your stuff in one place and access it easily (rather than a backpack or several small bags).
  • Since the sleeping price is already very cheap, no discounts will be given for shorter stay. (Thank you for understanding that this is just too much distracting extra logistics for us.)

There are a number of hotels and hostels nearby. Use googlemaps to explore the Mitte area.


You may register by credit card using our secure payment processing system driven by Stripe. We will not see your credit card details. This website is secure and protected by SSL.

You may register by electronic bank transfer to this account: IBAN DE13430609671170841800 Konto: Starr BLZ 43060967 BIC GENODEM1GLS

If you pay by electronic bank transfer, please secure your place by immediately sending an email to

All levels are welcome except for absolute beginners (<3 classes).

6-days seminar includes Biomechanics and Yoga, 2 Private Lessons, 9 nights sleeping
6-days seminar includes Biomechanics and Yoga, 2 Private Lessons, 9 nights sleeping in private room on double mattress (Registration is for 2 persons)
6-days seminar includes Biomechanics and Yoga, 2 Private Lessons

Most dancers are struggling with one of these challenges:

Finding more and betterPARTNERS... 

Making time for home PRACTICE...

Improving BALANCE...

Trying to REMEMBER what they learned in class...

Wondering how to get STARTED  with Argentine Tango?


If you're curious what TangoForge is about, the best way to get to know us is through our Research Center, the KnowledgeBase.

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 21 March 2017