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2017: Biomechanics

2017: Improvisation

We walk on 2, 3, or 4 tracks.

As 4-legged animals, our gaits organize the footfalls into beats. We don’t use canter and gallop, but we use several standard animal gaits.

We can use the gaits on tracks to walk on lines and in circles.

To change gaits or tracks, or just for its own pleasure, we have lots of possibilities of change of foot:

  • Either dancer changing foot alone (always marked).
  • Changing feet simultaneously, in pace or trot system.
  • Changing foot into a cross, (without projection!)

During the practica we developed some drills which are not on the Impro film.

  1. Walk only in trot system
    3 tracks both sides, 2 tracks.
    Changes of foot: both, or solo 2x.
    Circles in same system.
  2. No changes of foot for revel.
    Mark has a chance to explore the possibilities of change of foot, sculpturally and musically.
  3. NO changes of foot for Mark.
    Mark explores the beauty of revel solo changes of foot, especially repeated ones.
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