Training Plan

The Tango Muscles

To increase our skills in any activity, we need to train,
and this means developing self-discipline that works for you
and fits into your life.

Training Plan

1. Timing



The first step of discipline is to commit time. The easiest way is:

  1. Make a schedule and don’t renegotiate it. (Playing games with yourself just makes it harder.) Weekdays or weekends? Morning or evening? Decide what’s best for you and choose a starting time. {For me, keeping every day the same is easiest, so I exercise 7 days a week, but I’m allowed to take one day per week off if I feel I need it.}
  2. Commit an amount of time that seems easy. {For me, this is 30 minutes.} This increases your chance of success. (If you don’t succeed, try reducing the time per session.

2. Planning


training is easier when it's familiar

Don’t wait until Training time to plan your activity. Make a plan you can remember and only change it when you’re bored or the exercises seem too easy. Here are the modules from which to plan your training

  1. Cardio. Use our Voleo Cardio 10 minute video or any short cardio workout, like blogilates on youtube.  If you have access to a lot of stairs do 15 minutes of stairs while listening to a podcast and concentrating on your piriformis.
  2. Strength and Muscle Control. Use the Exercise Center Tango Muscles Page or Exercises from Maui to do one strength exercise every day. If you have an injury or chronic pain, do the exercise your physiotherapist has recommended or ask us to advise you. On youtube, Athlean-X has very effective exercises for back and hip pain. Usually one strength exercise takes less than 5 minutes.
  3. Flexibility. Use the Exercise Center Stretch Page or 15 minutes of any yoga workout.
  4. Balance. If you are doing our VoleoCardio or a yoga class with balance exercises like this one with tonic, you don’t need an additional balance workout. If you don’t want to do yoga, then find the largest space of smooth floor in your house and do unsupported front and back ochos moving across this space for a full 5 minutes.
  5. Tango. When training with a partner, be sure to agree to a specific amount of floortime beforehand, as well as what you’ll work on. Avoid too much talking before starting or while practicing. Choose a topic from our MasterCourse or our free Elements series.When training without a partner, use any one of the Home Solo Practice Courses, a Workout from the Exercise Center Strength Page, or the free Solo Workout “Dancing with the Kitchen“.

Or ask us to create a Custom Training Plan for You


3. Starting


create a habit

To make discipline easy, don’t delay or argue with yourself. When you reach the appointed time, treat this is as you would a meeting with a friend who needs you.

Create a starting routine: Make tea, change your clothes, set up the computer, start some music. Once you’re in the routine, don’t step out of it. This way it’s easier to complete your goal. 

{My routine starts by setting a timer 60 minutes before exercising. During this time I drink a coffee which helps to burn more fat while working out.  I use the optimistic surge of the coffee to come up with some Big Ideas for my notebook of intentions. }(You can also use the time to plan your workout.)

4. Dancing


is not all about dancing

The most common excuses for not training…

I don't have a partner

You don't need a partner to improve your tango. In fact, repetitive partners will make your tango worse. To improve your tango, you need to train your body –which you can do with the tools above– and your understanding –with our MasterCourse and free Technique and Improvisation resources.

I need to be watched and corrected by a teacher

Most of the "mistakes" that teachers correct will be reduced simply by improving your strength and balance.

You can learn to diagnose many of your own mistakes.

I need structure of going to a place at a particular time

When you train at a facility you need to dress, travel back and forth, which often triples the time you spend on a single session.

Often you do not get good value of information.

I don't have time

Consider the time you spend with news and entertainment, and consider investing a chunk of that in your body, not only to improve your tango, but also to improve your health and skills.

Classes and other events are a chance to socialize and build relationships, which is fun and important, but they are not the best way to train.

To train you need

  1. The best possible information.
  2. Concentration on improving your muscle control.

Accurate information is much more valuable than practicing something incorrectly, which ingrains automatisms in Revels and bad technique in Marks.

The TangoForge MasterCourse and Digital School costs just €6/week and provides the highest quality information and solo training resources. Just by watching the MasterCourse videos, even without practicing with a partner, your understanding of what you need to do will improve.

Our free resources include the 5 Biomechanical Tools video, which is worth watching several times until you fully understand the concepts and the Elements series. video series which shows every variation of every element of Argentine Tango.

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