The 5 Biomechanical Tools

We demystify tango by distilling technique to just 5 tools and teaching systems for finding the variations of the 25 Elements of Tango, so students can improvise instead of memorize.

The Five Biomechanical Tools use anatomically-precise instructions: joint motion and muscle contraction.

We use the term ‘Mark’ for Leader, and ‘Revel’ for Follower. Here’s why.

The conduit of information and the architecture of balance, adjusting to changing force and position.

The Mark’s directional intention registers as projection in the Revel’s body.

The process of preparing her body in response to his intention allows for fine control and dynamic range in the dance.

The process of moving the body from one base leg to the next. This is our control system which enables us to stop, slow down, speed up, and be ready for anything.

We produce power with a chain of leg and abdominal muscles, triggered by co-contraction. This power has force and velocity. We use it to fortify the arch, to create elasticity, and to send power into the Revel’s body to send her free leg into the air.

Information is transferred at 2 (in close embrace, 3) points of contact between the partners’ bodies. The embrace is a control system which determines how power is delivered.

Every movement we do has an embrace specification, a specific embrace action that needs to happen. There are only five different specifications.

We are also proud to be able to teach all the technique needed for the whole MasterCourse with only these 5 Tools.

What is the MasterCourse?

The MasterCourse covers the 25 Elements of Tango in 16 sessions, totaling 10 hours of video. Just watching those 10 hours will vastly increase your grasp of tango.

MasterCourse enrollment includes immediate full access to all resources in our Digital School for a period of 18 months:

  • The Mastercourse 25 Elements of Tango in 16 videos (EN/DE)
  • Exercise Center with muscle diagrams and pilates-based exercises on video, to learn to control the 10 most important tango muscles. (EN/DE)
  • Home Solo Practice Courses for both roles and a Pair Practice Course. A total of 30 video session sfor home practice. (EN/DE)
  • KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia, hyperlinked for quick research with text, images, and video clips. (EN)
  • Access to all of our live workshops during your enrollment period. If you have any questions we will answer online and in person at no additional cost.


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