Our muscles burn fuel for the energy to contract. Muscles do not create energy (deprecated), they use energy. These contractions create power, which is expressed as force and velocity.   Wikipedia

Power is created through different kinds of contractions (concentric, eccentric, isometric). Force, at a velocity, is transmitted to the partner. The structure of the arch of connection allows for even very small and slow forces to be transmitted, and it helps us to manage respond to large and fast ones.

Every tango movement contains force. Dancers need to understand and manage the the force.

To intensify the strength of the arch of connection, we contract the quadriceps and triceps. For maximum strength we use co-contraction in the biceps+triceps and quadriceps+hamstrings.

  • Sacadas generate force. We need to intensify our arcs so that the force does not break our arch of connection.
  • Contra movements generate velocity in the exit. We need to intensify our arcs so that the velocity does not result in a premature step.
  • Pro-voleo spirals generate force. We need to intensify our arcs so that the base leg does not go into internal rotation.
  • Colgadas and volcadas generate force by putting the body in a position where it is heavier. We need to position our arc structurally to counter that force, as well as intensifying its strength.
  • When we dance fast, we need to reduce the amount of force so that we can maintain the arch without intense muscle contractions that slow us down.


Variations of Each Element




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