25 Salta

1. Independently 0:45

1.1 both jump 1:10 1.2 one jumps 2:20

2. Leveraged lifts 4:13

2.1 from gancho 4:28 2.2 from volcada 7:26

3. Lifts 9:45  
25 Salta: Solo Practice

Well this is truly is a difficult one for solo practice, but in fact most of us are a bit shy about jumping, so we’ll improve our readiness for tango jumps just by … jumping.

Ex1 Find some grass where you don’t feel observed by too many people. Wear springy shoes. Play music through your headphones that makes you feel silly.  Don’t think about tango just skip and jump around. Pay attention to jumping horizontally and vertically, and pushing off with both feet.

Ex2 Add a little technique by contracting your transverse abdominus before and during your jumps. Also extend your arms. Don’t let your upper torso contract during the jumps.

Have fun!

25 Salta: Pair Practice

Ex1 Walk in an open embrace in any direction. When the Mark stops and flexes his knees the Revel should prepare so both will  jump on the next step. Just like soltada, land the jump on the next step in the pattern, and on the foot you would have stepped on! Be sure to contract your transverse abdominus before and during the jump!

Ex2 Now all the preparation is the same but only the Revel will jump. To prepare, she should lock her shoulders and elbows and he can use the embrace to push her a little higher into the air and keep her there a little longer. Just a little. Don’t struggle. 
Ex3 Now the Mark can try some solo (adorno) jump. Make sure the Revel is on a pattern so she knows what to do and don’t Mark anything while you’re jumping. Allow your shoulders complete relaxation so that you can move your body without moving the embrace.   
Ex4 If the Mark is bigger than the Revel and feels comfortable to support the Revel’s weight, try the leverages lifts from gancho. These are easy and fun, so long as you have a size mis-match. Remember to create the lift by rotation, not lifting! 

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