07 Sacadas

1. A Sacada is a displacement. Finding all the sacadas 0:12 2. The Sacada Game 02:50 3. How to Mark
  • Directions of Projection 10:12
  • The Revel’s Back Sacada 13:26
  • Embrace Actions 16:28
4. Notes

4.1 Quality 21:36 4.2 Don’t Autopivot 22:50 4.3 It’s ok (and nice) to enter with side step 24:19 4.4 Don’t be afraid of Back Sacadas 23:15 4.5 It’s not necessary to Strike 30:03 4.6 The Displaced Leg 31:15

5. Improvisation

5.1 Change of Foot 33:50 5.2 Lines versus Circles, including the parallel sacada 36:31 5.3 Direction on the circle 41:06

7 Sacada: Solo Practice

Please wear flat shoes or socks for today’s practice.

Ex1 Without music, practice taking large front side and back steps, pivoting left or right 90 degrees between each one, but not changing feet between steps. Be sure that you don’t fall into your step, and you use your ankle extension to complete the transfer of each step softly and with control.

Ex2 Play some Pugliese, and repeat Exercise 1. Find the power in this movement.

Ex3 Repeat exercise 1 with any music you like. Start by holding your arms straight out in front of you, during the transfer of weight, fold your arms laterally left or right. (It doesn’t matter which direction you go, just get used to this experience.

7 Sacada: Pair Practice

Please wear flat shoes or socks for today’s practice.

Ex1 Without music, play the sacada game. Be sure to change roles and be sure to use side and back sacadas.

Ex2 With music but still without the embrace, use the sacada game as a dance for the whole song.

Ex3 Without very slow music, use the embrace and mark whole songs using only sacadas. If you’ve never done back sacadas before, announce each one to your partner so you can both practice getting your bodies comfortable without trying to mark it perfectly yet. Remember to allow the embrace to accommodate the movement! If you feel very uncomfortable, it’s a 4th sacada, let go of the embrace, complete the step and then find the embrace again.

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