12 Parada


2017 Bio
  • strengthen toes and arch of the foot
  • use the muscles of the arches of the foot to explore a world of expression inside of every step – a way for the Revel to find pleasure
  • try marking with all this expression – Revels need a perfect arch, with triceps to be able to respond to this!
2017 Impro
  • be able to parada in at least 3 moments of every step
  • Mark: use the arch of connection to choose the ending-baseleg after the parada, without needing to accompany the revel
  • calesita during parada: Revel needs to use foot-arches to be ready for this! Mark should control the ending-baseleg
  • sacada-parada … to sandwichito … to double-gancho (this double-gancho does not require marking projection or cocontraction, just use the principles of barrida to pick up the Revel’s leg with your own and then use the arch to support partners.


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