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Sandwichito is a cute little move in which one partner (often, but not exclusively, the Mark) sandwiches one of the partner’s feet between his own.

It begins from a parada (any parada). To find a parada, just stop a sacada! That means from any sacada you can parada and then make a sweet sandwichito.

In both Mark’s and Revel’s sandwichito, the partners must come closer together so there is a change of embrace with vertical shoulder flexion.

To create a Revel’s sandwichito, the mark is the same of change of foot.

Any sandwichito can be done with the feet either parallel or crossed.

Feet positions

Sandwichitos for both partners can also be interwoven with barrida.

The exit can be a reverse of the entrance, or something different.

Variations of Each Element


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