Duro y Vio were among the global founders of Queer Tango. We founded Queer Tango Boston in 2008 and Queer Tango Wellington in 2009.
We participated in every Queer event we could find, to encourage the growth of the community.

TangoForge has required students to dance both roles since 2016.
Vio and Roberto dance socially and perform in both roles.
Vio continues to write about gender and tango.

We are happy that the Queer Tango scene is now very strong, and we have worked ourselves out of a job.

The archives of our work are below.

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TangoForge Rainbow Argentine Tango
Rainbow Queer Tango Sydney

Rainbow Queer Tango Sydney Press Release

Queering the World’s Most Romantic Dance. Gay people grasp the magic of Argentine Tango – in Buenos Aires, Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Stockholm, New York, Boston, Portland, Wellington, México City…


What is Rainbow Queer Argentine Tango?

Queer Tango is a global movement to create inclusive and diverse space for Argentine Tango dancers. This means celebrating gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender dancers.

Tango is Drag

Gender, desire, and drag

This research note examines the unique possibilities that tango may create as it becomes queered, and identifies ways in which the extreme gender environment of traditional tango is already queer. I distinguish three layers of gender experience in tango: drag, object desire, and inhabitation of essence.

looking profound

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