18 Gancho

2017 Biomechanics

We have three biomechanics classes to create great ganchos.

Finding the Maximum point of the gancho

Biomechanics: Using yoga techniques to find a Stretch Sensation, a Sweet Spot in the Arch.

Biomechanics: Using the Stretch Sensation to make great Projections.

2017 Improvisation
  • Finding all the ganchos
  • Exiting a gancho
  • Marking the entrance: projection + cocontraction
Older classes
  • Understand a gancho in terms of the 5 Biomechanical tools
  • Work on knowing exactly where the Maximum Point should be and how it should feel so we can go directly there.
  • Making nice EXITS from ganchos
  • Entering from Crosses.


  • Sacada-Parada
  • Modifying the Sacada Geometry to create a moving PRO gancho (and piernazos – ganchos around the body)
  • Working from the Next Projection with an Alteración to create a CONTRA gancho (castigada – punishing piernazo)

Variations of Each Element


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2017 Biomechanics Classes

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