05 Molinete Lineal

2017: Biomechanics

2017: Improvisation

Molinete lineal is the default way of walking laterally: front side back side….

We can do molinete lineal toward the open and closed sides of the embrace.

Using the default pattern, 3 variations for superimposition

  • both partners take a front step at the same time.
  • one partner takes a front step while the other takes back step
  • one partner in side step when the other is in front/back

The Mark can change his pattern anytime.

He can also change the Revel’s pattern. This must be marked. To block her default, use co-contraction biceps/triceps.

We also like to shorten the side step to a change of foot. To do this, turn off the abduction of the lateral mark and mark a change of foot.

A popular rhythmic sequence requiring excelleent technique in all of the above points: Revel’s back step, change of foot, and another back step. (Or front, change, front.) It’s necessary to turn off abduction, mark the pivot, then mark the change of foot, and then block (in that order!).

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