16 17 Voleos Circular and Linear

Circular Voleo
2017 Circular Voleo Bio
  • voleo = maximization of projection = projection + power = projection + cocontraction
  • the voleo must be the consequence of the mark’s cocontraction. The revel also cocontracts the base
  • when the free leg moves, we want fluidity, which means that the joints move sequentially
  • in circular voleos we must take care of the torsion in the body: external rotation of the base. rib cage stretches in opposite direction of free leg.
2017 Circular Voleo Impro

Voleo can happen after any step.

Pro & Contra are two ways to deliver the cocontraction, with different dynamics.

Mark can use front, side, or back step to produce the cocontraction.

Play with exits pro-pro, pro-contra, contra-contra, into voleos, steps, sacadas…

Linear Voleo
2017 Linear Voleo Biomechanics
2017 Linear Voleo Improvisation
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