The Myths we Dance by

Tango is full of myths. Knife fights. Brothels. “It’s always the leader’s fault.” Today I caught a live one. You

The yoga in tango

All of our yogis could do the Tree pose beautifully, so we started reminding them to tree while dancing –


As part of our most recent Privates Intensive, I received an unusual opportunity to develop our pedagogy in a new

Fitness for Life

Sports Physiologist Eric Cressey is focused on low back pain. In this interview he debunks standard diagnostic and physiotherapy techniques.

Neo logic

We were responsible for “the neo”. We didn’t know what that meant… Here are the latest collected tidbits on this

the Walking Dance

Parkour becomes an act of beauty. It avoids not only the routine of spatial organization and predetermined routes, but also

What is keto all about?

The keto diet improves the health of our mitochondria, which enables our brains to function smoothly. What is it? While


He’s not surprised that it’s possible to sculpt your own body, but I am. While it’s a good idea to

too much crazy

Some of them scramble to explain that they really really really do mean it as a compliment.

Life on Spec

“On spec” is an abbreviation of “on speculation”. It’s a business term referring to production in hope of success. Artists

Trilogy of Rage

The “therapy” of art may serve others, but it must first be the antidote for the artist. It is the



This graphic has been on our home page for six years. For several of those years I have been aware

Despair and Imagination

I was overwhelmed with despair, surely multi-valent. I was inconsolable, untouchable, reactive, helpless. I watched joy pass but could not


But would I accept the right invitations if I felt cautious of everyone? Would I be able to relax my


I always invite my students to share their confusion when teachers are telling them different things. Likewise I now feel

First world problems

I discover there are far more than two aesthetics for a voleo and they are all for me. I wonder

by the Sword

I am here to pick grapes. I continue to train every day, alone, but not to that music. I dance

Showing off?

Showing off is an accusation leveled at people perceived to be doing either “stage” tango or “nuevo” tango in contexts

To evolve or not?

In the era of Fundamentalism, modernism is in decline. Although we can ill-afford it, the modernists are now drawing battle-lines.

Andrew Chiw interviews Vio 2020

We talk about intentions, the development of TangoForge pedagogy, online tango education, marketing for the tango industry, and possible uses

Making Tango Your Own

–Auch auf DE– Mario and Andrea were competitive ballroom dancers for some years. Eventually they tired of the rigid priorities

what tango gives women

The Good Girl

As I’m sure you are, I’m spending a lot of time thinking about – well, everything.
My life, decisions

Internal Audit Technique

This cycle prevents us from ever reckoning with the costs of either. We can’t seem to finalize a cost-benefit analysis.

Friendly but not Friends

Dear Dancers, I write today with a sad confirmation of things I suspected. I hope to learn that it is

Berlin: The Directors’ Cut

From 2021 Berlin will no longer be our headquarters. Now is the time to revisit our Berlin productions. Accompanied by

Endurance and Action

This year we have seen our fragility, we have lost control over our lives, we have surrendered freedoms and privileges.

The grammar of creation

I resonated, and I was intimidated. I slog away at the day and although I use a lot of creativity


As I prepare to return to Europe, I want a new relationship to tango well before any milonga beckons. I

A new intimacy

We associate tango with large, crowded rooms, and anonymity – milongas. Yet we all know that peak tango can happen


Besides flawless composition, Gorey’s art is the conjunction of an “aesthetic preference for the understated and the unstated” and an

Neoliberal Tango

Most of us are familiar with deskilling in manufacturing. It means designing the production line so that each worker does

The Industry

A few days ago Maestra Dana Frígoli announced by youtube video that DNI, the school she founded with Pablo Villarraza

Notes from the Accidental Exerciser

Willpower has limits, especially with regard to deep wounds, compelling habits, and self-destruction. Many people find meditation or spiritual rituals

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