24 Soltada

1. Tango Touch 01:00
2. Stay in the Game 7:32

2.1 The 7 Pathways 8:55 2.2 The 3 Interactions 12:54


2.3 Notes 18:10

• we can transition between pathways and interactions, if we have super attention • dynamic is more important than direction • reestablish a standard embrace gradually

3. Put your ass on the line 21:10

• embrace is always ready to support your partner • ass on the line • change the point of contact as necessary

24 Soltada: Solo Practice

Ex1 The first task is to learn the 7 pathways. Write them down on a small piece of paper you can hold in your hand and in a big space, maybe outdoors, without music, walk by yourself switching between the 7 pathways. Continue doing this until you can improvise with all of them without looking at the paper.

Ex2 Now work on variations within each pathway. change the pattern of the steps or turn your body. Remember when you’re in a soltada you’re not restricted by the embrace. Again, work slowly without music so you can concentrate.
Ex3 Now practice indicating to yourself when you are in a standard embrace (holding your hands in front of you) and when you are in soltada, hands down or moving your arms freely. Reestablish the standard embrace at the end of each pathway, start a new one, and then release it, explore, and come back to the embrace.
Ex4 Finally, put on some music and relax the concentration. Just continue what you’ve been practicing, but give yourself more freedom to enjoy your movements. For this exercise you don’t have to be super-precise about when you are in an embrace and when you are in soltada. Just enjoy freedom of movement along the pathways, freedom within tango. This will open your imagination to what is possible, inspired by the music. Pay attention to the fact that your arms are free, and that you can also use them for expression.

24 Soltada: Pair Practice

Ex1 Dance in the embrace using only the 7 pathways until you have them memorized and can easily switch between them.

Ex2 Repeat Ex1 but this time the mark will freeze after a few steps on each pathway releasing the embrace to all. When he freezes the Revel should continue on the established path for 3 steps, to test that she was able to recognize the pathway. He should tell her when she gets it right. If she’s wrong, it could be because he wasn’t clear, or it could be because she wasn’t paying attention.  Troubleshoot.
Ex3 Now continue improvising with the 7 pathways but when the mark releases the embrace, he also continues moving on the pathway. Both dancers should continue on the pathway until the Mark reestablishes contact – remember it can be with one hand, doesn’t need to be the full standard embrace. The Mark should immediately initiate another pathway. When you are in soltada explore possibilities freely, limited only by your ability to stay on the pathway using steps consistent in size and time so that you are still moving in sync with your partner.  
Ex4 If you feel comfortable with the three interactions, repeat exercises 1-3 using only the interactions. Best to do this without music so you can work slowly and discuss miscommunications. 

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