A voleo is a special effect in which the Revel’s projection is maximized into the air.

Voleo = projection + power.

The power comes from co-contraction. The mark creates co-contraction and the revel’s body mirrors it.

There are several different shapes of voleos:

  • Voleo circular: The voleo arcs in both horizontal and vertical planes. There are only two of these, front and back.
  • Planeo: the voleo’s arc is horizontal, not vertical. The toes stay on the floor. Also called voleo bajo. This is almost always done to the back.
  • Voleo lineal:  the voleo’s arc is vertical but not horizontal. This is possible as a front, side, or back voleo.
  • Gancho (voleo interrupted by the Mark’s leg, creating a hook). Front and back with lots of possible combinations of the legs.

The power can be delivered in two ways

  • Pro voleo: He adds power in the same direction as the projection.
  • Contra voleo: He cracks power through her body by moving in the opposite direction.

Beautiful voleos

  • begin with co-contraction of the base leg so that the free leg moves with power
  • are created by sequential motion of the free leg’s hip and then knee joints.
  • start and end in projection
  • have pointed toes at all times

Marks can also make voleos as an adorno.


Variations of Each Element




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