Ocho cortado

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Ocho cortado is a popular cross from side step with a distinctive 90-degree pivot.


  1. The partners pause momentarily in any side step.
  2. Then the Mark repositions the arch to trot-system, meaning that he transfers his weight to one foot and, instead of bringing the Revel with him to the mirrored foot, he directs the arch to her more distant foot. Both partners will end up on their right feet, or both on left.
  3. Having de-weighted the other foot, the revel is now in second projection.
  4. The mark now makes a sharp and distinct 90-degree pivot. The direction of the pivot is internal (toward his free leg).  As he pivots he does not allow for any change of embrace (no change in shoulder-flexion or elbow flexion). This pivot allows him to redirect his arc 4cm lateral to her current base leg.
  5. The revel’s free leg moves from second projection diagonally toward where the Mark’s arc is aiming, pivoting 90 degrees and crossing the free leg in front. She establishes her new arc there.

Note that nothing about this move will the Revel’s leg into back projection. If she goes to back projection, she is moving prematurely. (Ocho cortado could be marked with a back cross, but this would involve an extra projection after #2.)

Why does the revel pivot in #5? Because the mark is pivoting without change of embrace. As he uses his obliques in the pivot she will receive the power to do the same.

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