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The KnowledgeBase includes more than 40 movement entries, covering the various names of the 25 different tango movements that constitute the tango lexicon.

Click the “Navigator” button to choose a different term. The terms are also hyperlinked within referential entries.

Common tango language includes a lot of vague terms, inconsistent translations, iterations, variations, and pseudonyms. The KnowledgeBase intends to include all used terms, but with the pedagogical intent of systematizing, clarifying, disambiguating, and deprecating confusing terms. (If something is missing, please let us know.)

The KnowledgeBase also includes 55 entries on biomechanics, including those we don’t use, and why.

Experienced dancers may want to look at the comprehensive Index.

New dancers may want to focus on the Pedagogic Guide.

The KnowledgeBase is an encyclopedia of tango technique. It does not include musicality, emotions, or etiquette, although these skills are also very important to your dancing. TangoForge has a whole section of Guides and Resources for these important matters – and what to wear!

The KnowledgeBase uses the term ‘mark’ for leader and lead and ‘revel’ for follower and follow. Here’s why. We still use ‘he’ as the pronoun for mark and ‘she’ as the pronoun for revel, because we have not yet found a clear and uncumbersome way to manage this. We are in transition to more complex gender imagery.

Variations of Each Element


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