Argentine Tango Encyclopedia

Animal gaits are categorized according to how many beats the four footfalls make, four-beat (ambling), three-beat (canter and gallop), and two-beat (trot and pace).

Almost always in tango we want a clean two-beat walk, either pace-system, in which the mirrored feet move at the same time, or trot-system,  in which the feet move in diagonal pairs.

Ambling is a four-beat walk often used for humour or drama.

To amble, the procedure for the mark is this:

  1. Mark the Revel’s back projection.
  2. Use vertical shoulder flexion to change the embrace so she can go far away (increase the shoulder angle).
  3. Redirect the arch of connection to her projected leg, without moving your own.
  4. Return to a normal shoulder flexion as you step inside the embrace to make your own front step. Manage the arch as if for a Mark’s change of foot, so there is no arch motion for her.
  5. Repeat.

Variations of Each Element


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