Argentine Tango Encyclopedia

An enrosque is a mark’s adorno during pivot. It’s most common during single-giro.

Either before or during the pivot, he crosses one foot in front of the other and pivots with it crossed (either in front or in back).

When crossed in front he usually points his free leg’s toe straight down to the floor for an elegant effect.

When crossed in back he keeps his free foot parallel to the floor.

If you cross one foot behind or in front of the other and then use both sets of toes to pivot (raise the front foot’s heel to allow your feet to cross over one another), this is a two-footed pivot. It looks a lot like an enrosque and it certainly makes things easier, but technically it’s not an adorno, it’s functional. It takes a lot of strength and body control to pivot on one foot without losing control. Adding motion of the free leg makes it harder.

When performing any adorno, your first priority must be to maintain your arc. To pivot, always use your obliques to create the pivot, to reduce the chance you will destabilize yourself.

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