Argentine Tango Encyclopedia

Most sacadas are perpendicular steps.  It’s also possible to sacada while the couple walks together in the line of dance.

  • The Mark needs to sneak his step into the line of the Revel’s step, displacing her leg during the second projection, just as the leg becomes free.
  • If he does it when there’s still weight on the leg the sacada will be jerky and uncomfortable.  Perfect technique for maintaining the arch during the transfer of weight is crucial so that the mark is controlling and assisting the Revel with the timing of the transfer.
  • The Revel is aware of her pathway (walking directly backwards) so that she then finishes the displaced movement into her next back projection, exactly where it would have been without the sacada, and without adding pivot.

The Mark can sacada the inside of her leg, sending it out to planeo, or the outside of her leg sending it to front voleo.

He can make the sacada with either leg from pace or trot system.

He change repeat the same sacada for several steps or change the sacada with each step.


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