Double-giro game

Double-giro is a dynamic base for improvisation.

It’s good to warm up with molinete lineal, solo and/or with a partner.

To build your skills and imagination for double-giro, first get comfortable with different patterns.

Check your technique in the KnowledgeBase.

Alternate patterns (not a comprehensive list)
  • Identical steps: Both partners use back step, both side, both front…
  • Mirrored steps: Mark in front when Revel in back, both in side at the same time…
  • Mark in side step when Revel in forward and back.
  • Mark does forward-side-forward-side while leaving Revel in default.
  • Revel in constant front steps (no pivot at all) while Mark does default giro pattern.
Combinations of giro with other movements

Once the giro is smooth, work on integrating one alternative step and then returning to the giro.


At first try to make just one alternate step, returning to the pattern – making sure that the partners step at the same time!

Make one rebote and continue, with and without reversing direction around the circle.

  • Make one Mark’s sacada.
  • Make one Revel’s sacada
  • One cross from side step
  • One moving gancho (front gancho will be easier, but back is possible too).

Then play with reversing the direction after the alternate, or change the number and type of alternates before returning to the double-giro. (Don’t take any extra steps in between)

Try making the step after the alternative step continuous in the same direction as before. Also try it with a change of direction.

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