Feb 102008

There is no requirement to change partners, but it is recommended that you dance with lots of different people, even if you have a main partner.

Generally in a class some people change and other people stay with their partner. If you don’t want to change just say so. In practicas and milongas, it’s best to change.

  • Tango can be frustrating, and one of the best ways to reduce frustration between partners is to take a break to dance with other people. (
  • With your most familiar partner, you have habits which may be shortcuts. When dancing with less familiar partners, you need to dance more precisely.
  • Make friends to socialize and study with!

Tango is a Way to Make Something Beautiful with Someone You Haven't Met Yet

Do you want to start dancing?

The first few steps are the hardest.

I've written a guide to get you
from this screen to your first Tangos...

 10 February 2008
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