Private Lessons in Berlin


Argentine Tango Private LessonsWhy Take Private Lessons?

Every dancer faces unique physical and psychological challenges on the way to mastering Argentine Tango. And every person brings unique qualities and perspectives to making this art form your own. In private lessons we focus our experience to understand and support your challenges and talents.

While group classes are fun and social, private lessons are faster, better, and cheaper. • Faster because with our close attention, you will not spend time doing things wrong, working at the pace of fellow students, wondering if something is your fault or your partner’s, and unlearning bad habits. • Better because the instruction is customized to your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, not the topic of the week • Cheaper because you are investing in more intensive instruction.

Private lessons enable you to master perfect technique. It’s fine to do both privates and group classes, because you can use the group classes to practice technique. With a deeper understanding of technique learned in private lessons, you will find it easier to do the sequences shown in a group class. And group classes are a good way to meet people and make friends.

Who should take private lessons?

For beginners private lessons ensure that you learn quickly and accurately. For more advanced dancers, private lessons are the best way to focus on your developmental goals and problem areas.

Our programs

For students in Berlin, we offer Unlimited Monthly Passes for classes in our Studio and these passes include 2h/month privates for Absolute Beginners, and 1.5h/month privates for continuing dancers. Details, zeitplan, anmeldung on the StudioBerlin Page.

If you prefer not to take classes and only want privates, we offer two services:

Private LESSON with Professor: €65/hour.

Private PRACTICE with Apprentice, to consolidate lessons with Professor: €35/hour

Discounts: 3 Private Lessons+3 Private Practice: €275,

There is no “floor fee”/space rental fee at our studio in Mitte. If you prefer to have the lesson at another space, there is an additional fee for travel time.

For students who do not live in Berlin, we offer coaching and diagnostic sessions.

In Sydney, please visit the Jewel Lab or contact Nick.

Berlin Privates are scheduled at your convenience during the hours below.   To arrange, please contact 0157 369 13415 or email Vio, Roberto, or Stefan

Mondays 14:00-21:00

Tuesdays 14:00-18:00

Wednesdays 14:00-17:00

Thursdays 14:00-21:00

Fridays 14:00-18:00

Saturdays and Sundays 14:00-18:00