The in and the out: A rough guide to level


Every move is re-learned several times with different levels of technical sophistication at different levels.  These levels involve growing skills and sensitivity from both mark and revel.

The first level is what we might call  “getting in” to the move.  Locating everything in the right place in the right order with the right technique to make it work.

The next level might be “getting out”,  which involves understanding and controlling the dynamic and possibilities of the exit.

A third level could be sweetening the transitions between moves.

Each level requires finer control from the mark and more sensitivity and range from the revel. Each intention requires attention and power. Managing all three will obviously be more demanding than just one and dancing faster increases the challenge precipitously.

Home Tango Practice

Do you want to be a better dancer

but don’t feel you are getting what you need from your teachers?

Or do you get contradictory advice from different partners?

I got tired of hearing men tell me to be “natural”, “don’t do anything”, and “you’re floppy”, followed by “you’re stiff” …  So I studied biomechanics until I could teach perfect connection quickly.

We now have video solo practice courses that you can do at home to improve your knowledge, confidence, balance, and grace.

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