The Tango Muscles


Orange/Stabilization Chain

Teres Minor & Infraspinatus: Shoulder stabilization by external rotation Triceps: Elbow stabilization Transverse Abdominus: (not in the image, near the spine) stabilizes the spine Piriformis: stabilize hip rotation. Quadriceps: stabilize hip flexion. Peroneals: Ankle Plantar Flexion

Blue/Directional muscles used during Mark’s Intention for Projection

Lateral Projection:

Oblique muscles: Rotate the spine for projection lateral to the Mark.

Supraspinatus: tiny abduction of the leading arm in lateral projection, relaxation prevents motion of the trailing arm during lateral projection

Projection toward and away from the Mark:

Psoas: Flexes hips for projection toward and away from the Mark

Anterior Deltoids: Stabilize the shoulder vertical flexion for projection toward and away from the Mark

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