Improvisation schemes


Improvisation has many aspects. Here are some different aspects of improvisation to develop:

  • Variations of movements, 48 sacadas, 32 ganchos…
  • The shape we make on the floor: We can walk on a grid (front, back, and side) and in circles (double-giro, single-giro, and calesita).
  • The method we use for projection, including barrida, gravity, change of direction, and vertical circles.
  • Cycling power between movements. One of the most common is back voleo to front voleo. We can trade sacadas. A beautiful advanced example is front voleo-circular into follower’s back sacada.
  • The dynamic:  Shape and character of the step (rebound, deceleration into parada, acceleration with sacada, falling, diving, floating…).
  • Taking on wardrobe and mood by taking on characters, mimicing animals, and acting in a personality (drunk, little girl, sailor…).


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