Argentine Tango
Home Practice

How can you improve your dancing?

Every teacher will tell you that both partnered and solo Private Practice is essential to improvement.

But it’s hard to practice without a structure.
Our video courses give precise instructions.

M1.01 Showing intention

M1.02 Creating circular direction

M1.03 Stop

M1.04 Elasticity

M1.05 ocho

M1.06 Lateral walking

M1.07 Crosses

M1.08 Sacada

M1.09 Tiny steps

M1.10 Walking improvisation

R1.01 Your beauty comes from your base

R1.02 Projection

R1.03 Orientation

R1.04 Deceleration and elasticity

R1.05 Pivot

R1.06 Molinete

R1.07 Crosses

R1.08 Flying your legs (voleo)

R1.09 Adornos

R1.10 Tiny steps

C1.01 Building an Arch of Connection
C1.02 Communicating intent
C1.03 Transfer
C1.04 Elasticity
C1.05 Pivot
C1.06 Circles
C1.07 Crosses
C1.08 Ganchos
C1.09 Sacadas
C1.10 Tiny steps

TangoForge Digital School

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Structured Home Practice for solo dancers in both roles and pairs. Each course has 10 video sessions with text notes. For all levels from absolute beginner.
The Exercise Center presents anatomical diagrams and pilates-based video exercises for the 10 most important tango muscles.
The KnowledgeBase is an encyclopedia of Tango movements. It contains 150 hyperlinked texts, with diagrams and short demonstrative videos, covering every Element's technique and systems of variation.
Designed for ambitious tango students of both roles and all levels, the MasterCourse is a comprehensive curriculum covering the technique and variations of the 25 Elements in 16 video sessions.

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  • 6 private video Q/A sessions
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For solo dancers or pairs
12 months
  • TangoForge

    Home Practice Course
  • TangoForge

    Home Solo Practice Courses
  • 10 Home Practice Sessions on video with text notes (choose either role or the pair course)
  • Exercise Center
  • Instant access
  • English and Deutsch versions
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Wikipedia of Tango & Muscles
12 Months

  • TangoForge

  • KnowledgeBase Comprehensive Hyperlinked Wikipedia of tango movements and technique with 150 entries (EN)
  • The 10 most important tango muscles, with training and workouts (EN/DE)
  • Instant access
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