Your First Milonga


Your First Milonga is an exciting occasion, but you may be very nervous right now. It’s always easier when you don’t feel mystified, so I’ve prepared an Orientation Guide.

Are you getting ready for your first Milonga?

First Milonga

The first time can be a little intimidating.

But don’t worry, everyone is very happy to see a new person.

If you make some mistakes, it’ll be just fine.

Soon, Milongas will be events you look forward to with great joy.
So might as well get to and past the first one, right?

To help you feel more knowledgeable about what’s going on,
and What to wear, What to expect, Where to sit,
How to organize a dance partner… I’ve written for you an:
Orientation Guide to your First Milonga…

I’ll send it to you right away by email:
First Milonga

You may also be interested in the full Etiquette Guide, our guide to What to Wear, information about the Cabeceo and Codigos.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all that. It will all become more useful after your first milonga….

first milonga

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Romain Baillon tango photo
Romain Baillon tango photography
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