What’s “social tango”?


Argentine Tango is a social danceArgentine Tango is not about flying legs and melodramatic performances of emotion. (Although you’re welcome to do it that way if you want to.) It is a social dance that anyone of any age can do, to any music or no music, to create an extraordinary experience with another person, without any small talk. It does not require previous dance experience or rhythm. (In fact one tango musician claims that tango dancers are often “atemporal”).

Social Argentine Tango is not exactly a spectator sport. It’s all about the experience inside the embrace, which is so powerful that people alternately call it a form of healing and an addiction…



Getting Started

Are you ready to start dancing Argentine Tango?

Of course there are courses in almost every town where you can meet other beginners. In case you are a bit shy and you’d like to start training and learning first at home, we have a beginner’s package. It includes 10 practice sessions, a book to get you excited (print or e-book), and a home page here at TangoForge with all of our resources for new dancers as well as a forum to ask questions. The practice courses are also useful in case you get very busy or need to travel for work and can’t make it to class. They’ll give you a way to continue improving steadily with or without group class.


Begin Tango Package

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