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The TangoForge Advent strayed quite far from tango. I felt this was possible, even necessary, due to The Distance, and I felt that the concept of an Advent Calendar gave me the space to surprise you with the pearls of delight and wisdom I have collected between dances.

If you want more of the Advent’s type of pearls, I welcome you to the oyster farm.

Food is a huge part of my life and pleasure. I spend most of my free time foraging for unusual foods and talking to farmers.

I’m a minimalist who takes great care in selecting every object in my house. Recently, I’ve started writing about acquisition and artisans who make things by hand.

Power is the thing I really want: the courage, confidence, and competence to make things happen. My battle strategy against helplessness first appeared as a rather unmanageable book, which I’m now reforming into a newsletter.

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