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Milonga photographer Romain Baillon now has a book!

If you’ve explored you have undoubtedly seen a number of photos by Romain Baillon. We met many years ago, and he has kindly given permission to use his photos.

Now he has printed them in a book, L’embrasement.

His photos are not portraits of dancers. They capture the moods and sensations of a milonga. Furthermore, unlike most milonga photographs, his work stands on its own as art. My very favorites are below. 

It's a sudden quality in our lives that makes things tangible, that broadens the panorama of perception, sharpens the precision of the senses, a connection to the living that had escaped us too much, a re-energizing of the reincarnated body by a breath coming from where, at least from the sexual, an elation of the spirit opening up to the world.

Joy, of all affections, is sovereign. Sadness, still our foundation, contained in its place, secondarized. Touch is its unexpected and demanding ally.

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