How to Train Alone


It’s hard to know what to train. And it’s even harder to get started. But it’s really important to keep in shape when we can’t go to classes and milongas.

So we have two things that can help.  One is our solo practice courses. Just hit “play” on the video and follow along. These have big discounts until our milongas reopen.

Also we’ve written a  guide to try to break through the barriers to practicing with lot of links to resources.



12 Months

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Home Practice Course

Choose one role or the pair course.
  • 10 Home Practice Sessions on video with text notes and pdf download option
  • For dancers of all levels who want structured home practice to improve control and confidence
  • Upgrade Anytime, just pay the difference
  • EN / DE

Advice and resources for designing an effective Tango training regime

FREE pdf
with photos from The Ballerina Project


Do you want to be a better dancer

but don’t feel you are getting what you need from your teachers?

Or do you get contradictory advice from different partners?

I got tired of hearing men tell me to be “natural”, “don’t do anything”, and “you’re floppy”, followed by “you’re stiff” …  So I studied biomechanics until I could teach perfect connection quickly.

We now have video solo practice courses that you can do at home to improve your knowledge, confidence, balance, and grace.

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