Be an angel, not a fairy

Vio's Blog: Argentine Tango

Most women are paranoid of being “heavy” as dancers. They try to be “light”.  The result is actually that they disconnect, they break the arch of connection.

To stay in the experience of sublime connection we have to adjust everything all the time. When the mark produces more force to create a certain movement or dynamic, the Revel has to match that with increased muscle and force. If she doesn’t, she will fall, wasting the movement, and the moment.

I call this misdirected effort to be light “trying to be a Fairy”. Fairies are basically not present. We don’t know what they do.

I recommend that Revels instead try to be an Angel. Angels are powerful, present, and at work. Angels enable their mortal partners to dare more, to reach for the unknown, the divine.


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