Dec 102013

I’m sure you’ve come across some delirious gushing descriptions of magical nights when dancers young and old shared a moonlit dancefloor, finding that across cultures, generations, and musicalities, “there is truly one tango”.

Some are wary of such claims, either because they cling righteously to some territory and don’t want to be lumped with those they see as outsiders or because they are outside of some righteous territory and worry that oneness will be stifling to marginals rather than uniting.

Oneness is something that I regularly insist upon, referring to technique. I do not experience style. (Here’s the most recent of many ways I’ve tried to write about this.) The technique I use and teach works with any embrace, and any way of dancing.

To me, that’s the key to this business. When it comes down to it, we can all dance together because we let the leader the lead the direction and timing of each stepIn salsa, different styles mean that people are going at different beats. (Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2…)

We also share openness to and honour of the nameless but transformative depths of connection that tango brings.

I'd love to dance with you

photo Ilsa Hellman

I want you to know that you're not alone....

... neither in your dreams for tango nor in your frustrations.

My deepest desire is the same as all my students and friends ... those who have yet to start dancing and those who dance a lot.

It's partnership.

One thing I've learned on this quest, we need to:

Stop Waiting for Partners, and start
Building them

I've written a 10-step action guide. Are you ready to find the Partners you want?

 10 December 2013