Annual Seminar Encuentro Compañeros TangoForge III,  17-17.August 2018. Simultaneous with the Contemporary Tango Festival.

First weekend of the month Lexicon Elements Workshops

2-3.June “Creation Castle” organized by WilderGarten at the Wiesenburg, Wiesenstraße 55, Wedding Berlin. Interactive Arts and Music Festival with Altertango dance floor during the concerts and performances by TangoForge.


15-18.June Néo Tango Amsterdam, organized by Toulouse Neotango. 32 hours dancing until 05:00 in the Théâtre De Omval with Bar & Buffet. Artists: Anna Neum • Sara D‘Ajello • Iwan Harlan • Vio / TangoForge • Raffaela Tempesta • Andreas Lange.

27-29.July: Sverige IV: Halland.

17-19.August Neo Tango Rave, Bremen (sold out)

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