A kilo of symphonies

“Señor Piazzolla” she replied, “won’t you play for me?”

Another Improvisation: Interview with pianist Dietmar Schlabertz

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“At first when I started to do it like this. I only wanted to have time between to open the new piece. With time the improvisation grows, having its own character. It’s no longer an opening only. Now the improvisational part is only a little shorter than the piece after it.”

DIY Orquesta Típica: Interview with Korey Ireland about the Community Tango Orquesta movement

BerlinerCTO Rixdorf

In the music of the 30s and 40s, the advantage of an Orquesta Típica is that relatively simple things sound full and exciting. The idea of the Community Tango Orquesta is to create music in a way that fits the expectation of dancers in a milonga, and create it without the need to make money on it.

Ignacio Santos, Orquesta Tipica Ciudad Baigón

ignacio  no photo credit

“In Europe, the people have more open minds for listening and dancing. In Buenos Aires, there are only 3 or 4 milongas in which you can play new tango music and the people will dance. I feel that bit by bit, every year the dancers open more.”

Carlos Libedinsky’s Tango

“I started to play and compose because I felt the traditional tango could coexist with the sound of our times. I was interested in Tom Waits, Massive Attack, Air. A group of friends encouraged me…it was not only me who wanted new music.”

Vio Music

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I made a play for the word ‘powerful’. Because to me what traditional tango music lacks is power, and that’s what I get and like about the music I like to dance on (which is not all alternative music). Powerful music for me has deep sounds and it has emotions.

Starting to dance Vals and Milonga


So you feel ready (or you feel like you should be ready) to dance faster? Here’s a guide to getting started with vals and milonga. General points Faster is harder than slower. Always perfect your technique slowly before attempting to do any movement fast. Both vals and milonga can be danced slowly. Start by finding the […]

Elio Astor, NeoTango DJ


“I identify myself as a neotango DJ. NeoTango invites Argentine Tango to become contemporary by applying its biomechanics of connection and improvisation to the experiences and emotions of the world heritage of music. At the entrance of my neolonga is the statement by Gustav Mahler ‘Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire’… ”

Dancing to the beat: JewelLab Musicality Session 2

Argentine Tango and Music

by Nick Young In this musicality session, we look at choosing which beats of the music to step on. First we identify the beats we have to work with, and then we try some simple ideas for dancing them. These ideas are simple ways to make your dance more interesting and enjoyable! The previous session […]

Slow: JewelLab Musicality Session 1

Argentine Tango and Music

by Nick Young In this musicality session, we look at 3 different techniques of dancing slowly by skipping beats that we might normally step on. Now, we only look at how to skip beats using these techniques. Later, we will look at when or which beats to skip. It is important for the mark to […]

Music in which the rhythm doesn’t make noise

Junio Karokaro

Last month we had the pleasure of dancing tango to the live jazz saxophone of Junio Karokaro. For some of us, the lack of a beat was challenging. One leader said “I can’t use sequences, I have to lead one element at a time.” Others promptly felt comfortable with it. We all agreed that this dancing was riveting. It took a lot of concentration and felt very satisfying.

BBC documentary about Piazzola

Piazzolla Documentary

2004 BBC documentary, “Tango Maestro” about Astor Piazzola, now on you tube! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  

Rhythm is irrelevant

Rhythm and Tango

Some time in the not-too-distant future you will find yourself in a tango class in which the teachers are desperately and unsuccessfully trying to get the students to move only with melodic notes. Hope that you have not by then tuned your dance to an impervious metronome. Rhythm in fact is a trap which limits […]

Interview with Roberto Martinez

Hector Maure

I’m sitting with Roberto in the milonga. He knows every song, and each one triggers a story about the men in the orquestra. “This guy Alberto Castillo had 200 suits. And shoes to match each one. They called him El Electrico because he sings as if he put his finger in the power point. His […]



Musicality is the application of tango dancing to any music. Traditional tango music offers a lot of complexity and changes during one song. These characteristics can be found in other kinds of music, and we can also learn to dance to simpler music by dancing to the melody or using complex systems for relating to […]

DJ Resources by Homer Ladas

Tango DJ Homer Ladas

Homer Ladas is a serious DJ of alternative tangos, and well-respected for it. He researches songs that can be pulled into the tango repertoire and these are often taken up by DJs around the world. This resource page provides tips on traditional DJing in addition to alternative DJing. Homer shares quite a few of his […]

Leaders’ versus Followers’ musicality

accordion tango

This post is the beginning of an investigation which I hope to continue in further discussions and observation. I was never interested in DJing, but more and more it becomes part of my work, as I host practicas and milongas. I have collected a nice library of music. Some days I really can’t stand any […]

Experience the “real” tango…

The emotions of tango music and dancing

But Argentines say that the music itself brings emotions into you, and this is why they emphasize that to understand tango you must learn the language, even the old Lunfardo words and phrases. You must feel the pathos of the songs in order to fully experience the emotion of tango.

Welcome to the Moveable Milonga!

The moveable milonga

Like many people I started dancing tango because of Sally Potter’s movie, The Tango Lesson. Different things about the movie moved us, as different things bind us to tango. I wasn’t attracted to the music, passion, or romance (aspects I learned to appreciate only after many years of dancing). I was attracted to the complexity […]

Websites to learn about and buy music

Union Civica

to learn Milonga.co.uk (also a store) Tango.dj Tanda of the Week Poesia to buy DJ Iain’s favorite is still  Tango Store  (This is the website of the Buenos Aires store, Zivals.)  The prices are fairly good and you can listen to most of the music. Movie Mars has great prices, but their search function is […]

The lyrics

Argentine Tango Lyrics

Many people say “you have no idea what’s going on if you don’t know what these songs are about!” I believe there are many ways to experience and relate to tango, but in case you’d like to learn, here are some resources. If you know of another resource please send me a message in the […]

About Tango Music

De Angeles

Argentine Tango is a rich genre of music, which has already been interpreted around the world by musicians for decades. It is a fascinating and worthy subject of study and I’ve listed below some wonderful resources for learning. If you know of more, I’d be so happy to include them, just send the info using […]

Tango radio

Tango Radio on the Internet

Here’s a list of Tango Radio stations that you can listen to on the internet. Thanks to Manuel Garber for the list. If you know another one, please send me a message using the contact for at the right. AM-TANGO (Buenos Aires) Tango Rosario Radio General Belgrano La 2×4 (Buenos Aires) AccuRadio Tango Radio Shoutcast […]

Podcast about the tango orchestras

Podcast about the Tango Orquestras

As you learn about tango music, you’ll find that each song has been recorded many times, and you’ll notice that it sounds different depending which orchestra is playing it. Manuel Garber’s podcast discusses the orchestras, the singers, the composers, and more!

Joaquin Amenabar’s pedagogy for musicality

Joaquin Amenabar

Joaquin Amenabar is a spectacular bandoneonist. He has a method for teaching dancers with no musical training about how tango music works and how to dance to it. If you don’t have a chance to learn from him in person, you can buy his book which explains the technique.

Pablo Aslan on tango music

Pablo Aslan

    Pablo Aslan is a tango musician and musicologist who is very historically informed and clear thinking. He is working on his own music, with his NY band Avantango. He is unfortunately not maintaining the history sections of his website, but I was able to find his excellent work using the way-back machine. Here it is: […]

Tango Music Educational Radio Show

Orq Francisco Canaro

Tango Tales radio show is not about playing music only – it is about educating the listeners about Argentine tango – music & dance. The show is broadcasted on Saturdays 9:00-10:00am on Portsmouth Community Radio ( listen on line www.wscafm.org), but you can DOWNLOAD the most of the episodes from the show’s site:www.tangotales.com.   HERE […]