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I’m often asked to recommend milongas in the US. I haven’t been home in a few years, but I can tell you what I liked when I was last there.

First of all, you’ll need the calendars for each city. San Francisco’s MangoTango Calendar is especially user-friendly with listings for the entire Bay Area, searchable by region and type of event.  In Los Angeles, my friend Vladimir Estrin manages a complete calendar called Tango Afficionado. In New York City you’ll want Richard Lipkin’s Guide as it’s the only all-inclusive one.

In these cities, there’s dancing every night, so you’ll have lots of options. But here are my favorite places to dance:

San Francisco

2018 update here

Los Angeles

Tuesday: Vladimir’s Practica (very friendly and good dancing)

Wednesday: Milonga El Floridito (it’s new since I’ve been there, but from what I gather, it’s good)

Saturday: El Encuentro Milonga (THE place to experience LA tango)

Sunday afternoon early evening: Outdoor milonga on the Santa Monica Promenade.

New York

Monday: Luna at Dance Manhattan

Saturday: Milongas at Stepping Out and Dance Manhattan

warning: Thursday La Nacional is well-regarded but quite stuffy

note: Monday at the Ukranian is ***very*** hit and miss, often empty — except for a few very good dancers. strange environment but it’s possible to have a great night.

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