Argentine Tango Coach

Personal attention
and customized exercises
for every aspect of your development:
From finding the right shoes
to finding the right partners.
From technique to outreach.
From flirting to art.

Why hire a Personal Trainer who can’t dance with you?

Well, that’s the point. I’m not part of your dancing community. I don’t have history with the local organizers and teachers, and I’m not in competition with them. I can’t gossip about anyone and we will not be part of the same social scene. You can be confident that our conversations are and will remain confidential. You know you have an Argentine Tango coach on your side who will be thrilled with your accomplishments and creatively engaged with your problems.

From a student I have never met in person:
“Dear Vio…This last Saturday
one of the best dancers in [my country] said
I had improved a lot since last time we danced (2 months ago)
which can only be to your credit.”

The Personal Training Program includes access to all of our Private Practice tools and our weekly Biomechanics and Improvisation video classes. You are welcome to share these tools with friends.

To learn more about how to engage with the TangoForge global community of Compañeros and invest in our tools, visit Engage.

Taking the time to precisely articulate your dreams is the most powerful move you can make, because you are setting your intentions. Even if you have no idea how to move toward them, once you’ve written them down, and especially if you share them with a witness, they will draw your attention and energy. In the Berlin Tango Studio we have a Temple to Intentions where students place their dreams.

I will be honored and interested to receive your intentions.