Better than Sex


  When Argentine Tango is good –when the partners are able to maintain a sublime level of connection, moving as one– it is absolutely rapturous. It feels like [Hollywood] Movie Sex looks: smooth, passionate, consuming. This experience is so intense that it can trigger romantic emotions, the sensation of being in love – even though […]

Tango Vicioso at Insomnia


Tangotourist in Berlin, Summer 2014 Some of my friends said I must see tango at Insomnia and others spent 30 minutes trying to dissuade me. “It’s a sex club!”,  they kept repeating. So? here’s my report: A spacious room with bar and large couches, dark, fabulous mix of music. About 20 dancers + 5 observers […]

Tango Complex: An honest introduction to Argentine Tango

Le Tanguerrant Photography

I was an economist with a salary on automatic deposit, poised to receive University tenure. I spent weekends at peace demonstrations and dinner parties. I was disappointed and jaded. I had looked for connection in research collaborations and community service. I found it in the arms of old men and US marines. My story is […]

How do dancers manage the intimacy of tango? (the codigos)

Romain Baillon tango photo

The codigos of tango are a set of “codes” that make some structure around the intimacy of tango.

Tango: Reflections from one year in (before facebook)

Duro y Vio

If you are ok with meaningless, detached eroticism, desensitized from the emotions that normally accompany it, and seeking to avoid misunderstandings, entanglements, fluids, or diseases, tango is a way to get off several times a night for the rest of your life. And it’s an age-inclusive social space, where women become more sexy as they tuck decades of dancing into their girdles.